Friday 9 July 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 9/7/21

Susanne at Living to tell the Story reminds us every Friday to look back on the blessings of the week.  Here are mine:

1)  A better week.  I've been getting back into my regular routines and walking so I feel much better for that.  And I'm here on time for once!

2)  A trip to the library.  Some for me and some for the Grandkids!

3)  Sun between the rain showers.  There have been a lot of showers this week but in between we've had some nice spells of sunshine and it's been nice and warm rather than unbearably hot.  Hubby even managed to get the grass cut before it got too wet.

4)  I survived a whole day babysitting Vinny.  My DIL is back at work now and Daddy is home looking after the kids.  Today however he's gone off to Liverpool for a stag weekend so I had Vinny all day.  The first time I've done that but he was really good.  He's crawling now and trying to pull himself up on everything so he needs watching every second.  He also doesn't like to nap for long - he managed 35 minutes twice today so not a lot of rest for Nanny!  We went out to the shops this morning and then to the park in the afternoon to break the day up.

A ride in the buggy helps with napping!

5)  Convenience meals!  Hubby has been out with uni friends today but obviously I didn't want to have to come home and cook so I grabbed a dinner I could just throw in the oven for tonight.  I'll probably wash it down with a glass of wine!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. You are a good babysitter!! Darling little boy -

  2. What sweet photos of Vinny. You are doing great, grandma!
    I am glad that you are feeling well enough to be out and about walking and shopping and pushing that stroller.
    Enjoy the sunshine!
    Have a happy weekend.

  3. PS: I'm glad to know that I am not the only one having issues with blogger.

  4. Hi Wendy. Vinny is sure a cute. So great that you get to spend time with him. Sunshine, without the extreme heat we are having here in the Western U.S. sounds great. I love the books you selected - both for you and the grands. Have a good weekend.

  5. Vinny is adorable1 I enjoyed your post! I love those convenience meals too!! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I love that last photo of Vinny, all is well with the world.. what a cutie!

  7. What a cute baby!! LOVE the hat! I remember using the stroller to get my youngest to take a nap but she well out grew them by the time she was 18're doing great Grandma!

    Yay for some sun inbetween rain showers...we've had a LOT of rain this past week in New York.

    I love fact I haven't walked yet today ('s my oldest daughter's birthday and i've been busy after church) so I'll probably be walking in the rain with the umbrella as it just started raining again!!

    Have a great week

  8. What a cute little baby! I don't know if I could babysit for a whole day. I get worn out after a few hours. But I know lots of grandmothers do babysit full time.

    Good for you for getting back to walking! I need to. We took a walk around the neighborhood a few weeks ago, and I was surprised how winded I got.

    Yay for sunshine and convenience meals!

  9. Awww love the tuckered out Vinny in the stroller. Story of my life, no rest watching 6 kids between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. I'm perpetually tired. LOL. It's been very hot here and with it comes thunderstorm warnings. So far no hail though, thank God.


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