Sunday, 4 July 2021

I'm still here! 4/7/21

Firstly happy July 4th to all my American friends.  Hope you've had a good day today.

Another week without a proper blog.  I didn't even do the regular Friday's Fave Five this week.  I think the infection I had plus the strong course of antibiotics really took it out of me both physically and mentally.  I've been quite tired and my stomach has been quite unsettled so I haven't been doing very much at all.

I have read quite a few books.  I've watched quite a bit of TV and of course there have been certain football games that just had to be seen.  I'm not a great football fan but there definitely is an air of expectation at the moment regarding England and the European championships.  They've reached the semi-finals and are playing well.

And of course we're now going into the second week of the Wimbledon Tennis so another excuse for ignoring the to do list.

Hopefully this week will be more productive and I'll be able to get out for some walks - weather permitting.  It hasn't felt like summer this week!  I'm also planning a trip to the library.  I've only got one library book left to read plus I want to get a few different ones for the Grandchildren when they come.  

Have a good week all.



  1. Wendy!! Glad to see you here and happy you are feeling better!! Thanks for the 4th greetings! Hope that walk works out for you. I know how you enjoy them! Have a blessed week ahead! xo

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. So good to hear that you are doing better--resting is the best thing to do for your body to recover. Enjoy all those books and 'football' games (I assume it's soccer, right?)

  4. Good time to have to rest with Wimbledon on TV. Take your time to recover. Your body has been through the mill. Hope you are eating eating plenty of yogurt to counteract the effect of the antibiotics.

  5. I didn't know you were sick, what did you have ? I have to deal with papers and invoices, fortunately it's getting a bit better with the lockdown more and more things come back to normal or nearly, we still have to wear masks inside. When I see the football fans sitting on on another and all without masks I don't understand the world anymore. Apparently the Coronavirus is a great football fan and doesn't do anything to them. I have both vaccins now and could travel but in my situation it is impossible and then July August are the holiday months for families with kids.

  6. Sometimes our bodies give us a sure sign that it's time to rest and take it easy. I hope you're feeling better. Reading is a good hobby to have when it's time to take it easy. Have fun at the library. I hope you come home with an armful of good books!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Goodness, I did not know you had an infection, I am hoping you are feeling better soon.
    Thank you for the 4th of July wishes.
    We enjoyed time with our family.
    I did sign up for your blog via the .. it is working. Yay! :-)


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