Tuesday, 17 August 2021

A Testing Day

It's been one of those days.

Started off with having to do one of these:

Stool Sample - Funny Medicine For Men Women Medical Surgeon Student School  Digital Art by Crazy Squirrel 

Once you reach 60 in the UK they routinely screen for bowel issues every two years so it was time for my second round of screening.  Done in the comfort of your own bathroom and just posted back.  Hopefully I'll get a clear result in a week or so.

Next I did one of these:

I used one of the new tests we got recently which only use a nasal swab.  So much easier than swabbing the back of your throat.

Then I took myself to the hospital for the mammogram they ordered after the abscess problem I had.  This had been delayed due to us having to self isolate recently.

Getting to the hospital was a challenge for me as it was a new journey by public transport.  This always causes me some anxiety but things went smoothly and coming home is always easier.  

I also did quite a bit of walking today but very annoyingly I lost my Fitbit somewhere along the way.  I think I probably lost it at the hospital when I removed my jacket but despite retracing my steps and revisiting the clinic I couldn't find it.  I will ring the clinic in the morning in case the cleaners found it but otherwise I shall be ordering a new one.  Thankfully my phone recorded me walking over 12000 steps today.  Some of the walking was with hubby - he's leading a local walk on Thursday and wanted to make sure of the route.   As you can imagine I'm tired now and off to bed!


  1. Lovely test, indeed. I do a colonoscopy every five years. Sorry your lost your FItbit. Let us know if it got turned in at the clinic. I have a feeling you will be getting a new one. Have a good rest of the week, Wendy! xo

  2. Funny how these tests seem to come at once. good to keep on top of them though. Hope you have some luck finding your Fitbit. I am missing my walks at the moment.

  3. Ugh, that is mandated in the UK? Wow...I shall refrain from furthur comment. So sorry about the FitBit...funny thing, my boss and I were discussing this very thing yesterday; how many steps we take a day and why is it after 50 the weight piles on even working as hard as we do. I shall have to get a FitBit to find out. smiles

  4. I feel like I've walked a million miles this month and it's not over yet. So busy here! Glad you are checking off all the things and hoping for a good report on each one. I need to catch up on your blog, but have had no time to read these last few weeks. I think September looks a little quieter. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Sending HUGS!!!
    Sorry about the FitBit.

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