Friday 22 July 2022

Friday's Fave Five - 22/7/22

Time to get back into action and join in with Friday's Fave Five hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

It's been 3 weeks since I sat down to do one of these posts.  Not good, especially when I do have lots to be grateful for such as:

1)  The weather is cooler!  Last weekend was hot but Monday and Tuesday saw record breaking temperatures here in the UK.  We hit 40 degrees C in quite a few places including London.  And no, we don't have AC.  Many older houses in the UK do not have AC - most of the year we don't need it.  You open the windows, switch on a fan, it's fine.  But not in this heatwave.  Walking outside was like walking into a sauna.  Downstairs in our house wasn't too bad but hot air definitely does rise - the upper floor was roasting hot.  Sleeping has been very uncomfortable.  It caused travel chaos too as our railway networks were not built to withstand these high temperatures and there were real worries that rails could buckle.  One airport had to close while they did repairs to the runway where the tarmac had melted.  Thankfully we're now back to normal summer temps of high 20s.

2)  I have a roof over my head, money in the bank and don't need anything that we couldn't get or pay for.  The heatwave caused many forest fires.  That is not unusual in these weather conditions but what was unusual this week that in several areas homes were destroyed.  Quite a few homes and very quickly.  Some poor families were left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing as they fled their homes.  Thankfully our communities seem to be good at rallying around at times like these.

3)  Time with grandchildren.  We had Rory and Vinny on Wednesday and we saw Nathan and Ella yesterday and today.  I love that they live close to us and we get to see a lot of them.

4)  An evening with friends.  The 4 of us that usually get together for a Ladies Lunch are planning a trip to Ireland in the autumn and we were supposed to be getting together on Wednesday to try and sort out flights etc.  Unfortunately one of our friends was stuck in Holland due to travel disruptions so the remaining 3 of us still got together and had a nice relaxed evening in A's home.  We sat out in her garden which was nice and cool and she laid on a light supper which was unexpected but lovely.

5)  Mini Magnums.  I do love a Magnum ice cream but the original ones seem a bit extravagant as they're so big.  The mini ones though are still enough to satisfy my craving without making me feel guilty about all the calories.  Just finished a double caramel gold billionaire one.  Delicious!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. So glad things have cooled off a bit for you. We are seeing stories about the heat and fires in the UK and Europe every night on the news. It's hot here in the Western U.S. as well. So glad you have been able to spend time with family and friends this past week. Have a good weekend. Stay cool. See you again soon!

  2. I was just reading about the horrid heat in the UK and how roads are buckling from the high temps. I don't know how people live without AC these days. I am thankful for my home, the AC and the good roof. It is so great that you have Rory and VInny so close! Time spent with friends is always good and how fun to be planning a trip to Ireland! Oh my gosh! I love Magnums too. So good. Double caramel anything... mmmmmm good! Have a nice weekend, Wendy!! xo

  3. Welcome back! I know you have been so so hot. I'm glad the temps are cooling.
    Yay for spending time with your little ones. It is a blessing to live so near.
    Yes, we are so blessed to have food, shelter, clothing, and water.
    Enjoy a good weekend!

  4. It was the same here ! In Brussels 40° reported my brave Maria, and she had 36° in her bedroom the poor soul ! At one moment I couldn't stand this heat anymore, went in the garage where it was 22° took my car and drove around without any target only to enjoy the cool temperature and take some pictures through the window ! Only too late I thought I should have spent the day in the CafĂ© of our Supermarket where it was also nice and cool. Next time I will do it ! Ireland is so beautiful, I have make a coach tour around Ireland and Northern Ireland, a place to return !
    I also had to click on the "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" just below your post to be able to comment ! I don't know what Google has invented it is like that on most of the blogs. I mention it now on each post. It's really crazy !

  5. We've said that it feels like a sauna outside here, too. That's awful about the fires. It's so nice to have grandchildren nearby. Your evening with friends sounds lovely.

  6. That is hot especially when you are not used to it. Wild fires are always scary and sad when they destroy people's homes. Glad that the community rallied around those who experienced loss. How fun that you had some more great time with your grandkids. Planning your trip must be so fun. At first I read that you were trying to sort out "fights". I thought Wait, what? LOL. But upon rereading saw it was flights. I had a good laugh over my misreading. I haven't had a Magnum ice cream in years. Now I want one.

  7. Hi, I heard about your heat wave. We have been hot in Wisconsin too. We also have humidity, so putting the heat and the humidity together things can get really awful.
    Looking forward to hearing about your plans to visit Ireland.


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