Friday, 29 July 2022

Friday's Fave Five - 29/7/22

It's Friday again and although I haven't really got my blogging mojo back I was determined to do a Fave Five post today.  For more details and to see who else is joining in go here to our host Susanne's site.

Here are my things to be thankful for this week:

1)  The weather has stayed cooler.  It's still been warm, even hot on some days but nothing like the heatwave we had last week which I really struggled with.

2)  Bees in the garden.  We're often hearing about bees being at risk well they've been having a party in my lavender this week.  The photos don't really show them off that well but we had a lot of bees there.

It was hard to get a good close up picture without disturbing them.  The lavender has done well this year but look at how dry the grass is!

3)  An evening out with other knitters/crafters.  We went to our local wine bar this time and it was more a summer social than a knitting session.  Not a stitch was done but there were a few more people this time so it was a nice sociable evening and only a 10 minute walk from home.

4)  More walking.  I've done more walking this week and on Wednesday Hubby and I walked through the forest to nearby Chingford.  We found somewhere to have a bit of lunch and then we were able to get a bus home.  A good way to spend the day.

5)  Grandchildren - we had time today with Grandson Nathan - I picked him up from his summer tennis session this morning and then he spent the day at our house.  He loves spending time here on his own - especially with Grandpa.  We spend ages playing with the cars but we've also introduced him to Snakes & Ladders which he enjoys.  

A bargain at 99p from a charity shop.

I babysat Ella yesterday and managed to get her to nap so that was an easy time.

I'm grateful that Grandsons Rory and Vinny are doing better - they're currently in Vermont visiting their American family and both boys were very unwell after they arrived.  Rory had a virus of some sort but poor Vinny had croup so they've spent a fair chunk of time at the Doctors and ER.  Also thankful that my son organised insurance before they travelled.

We don't see as much of Noah and Miles but we do of course get regular updates.  Miles seems to have been out in the sun quite a bit because he's gone really blonde.  

Whereas Noah takes after Mum and Dad

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Same weather here ! When I see the pictures of your hubby with Nathan on the floor it makes me think of Rick Who ’’cleaned’’ the floor too when Toby was here!!

    1. Nathan is very bossy about who does what when he comes here to play lol

  2. a great week of blessings! the grandchildren are adorable!! We have had very hot and humid and DRY weather here in NYS as well!

    1. Thankful for cooler weather this week.

  3. Next time it rains here, I will see if I can send you some :)
    Your lavender is thriving! It makes me happy to see the bees. In my garden, I am trying to encourage more bees. It makes for healthier plants.
    Love all the grandchildren time you have had and all the sweet photos.
    Yay for the forest walk!

  4. Glad all the grandkids are doing well now. Good for you for walking. Sounds like a fun time with your husband. Regularly getting together with other crafters sounds like fun. My son and d-i-l planted lavender last year. It's doing well though not as bushy as yours yet.

    1. The lavender was here when we bought the house but yes it has done well this year.

  5. Your grands are all growing up so fast!! So nice that you get to seem most of the regularly. Thanks for sharing the photos!! Good for you getting out to walk. Too hot for me (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)! xo


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