Saturday 26 November 2022

Friday's Fave Five - 25/11/22

Well I'm still going for an autumn look here as there are still plenty of leaves around.  Our host Susanne is already looking Christmassy.

Check out her blog here for more info and participants.

This week I'm thankful for:

1)  Family time - last weekend we celebrated Ella's birthday with all 6 grandchildren at her party.  It was held at a centre called "Role to Play" and there were lots of themed areas where the children could dress up plus a seating area for adults and room for the children to sit and eat after playing.  I didn't get a lot of great photos, especially of Ella - had to take a screenshot from the video I took of her blowing out her candles.







2)  More decorating done!  Not by us I hasten to add - our neighbour had a decorating business and although he's now retired his 3 sons have carried on the works.  We had the office and our bedroom painted so all the upstairs rooms are now done.

They also did some touching up in the downstairs bathroom following the installation of the extractor fan.

This will probably be the tidiest this room ever looks!  Need to find a lampshade. 

We haven't put our bedroom straight yet so I'll post pictures of that later.

3)  Thankful that we didn't downsize when we moved - we were able to sleep in one of the spare rooms this week while the decorating was being done and the other room and landing had a lot of stuff in them.

4)  Perseverance - our internet extenders weren't working properly since we had the alarm system changed but on Thursday I managed to figure out reconfiguring them again.  Took a while but got there eventually and now the internet signal is better around the house.  I also had to reconfigure the wireless set up on the printer.  That took even longer but again, with perseverance, I finally got it to work.  I hate giving up on things.

5)  Postal Christmas cards ready to post!  Usually I am much later than this but with the cost of postage being so high I was determined to have them ready so I could use 2nd rather than 1st class post.  With the decorators in I used that as an excuse not to do much housework this week and used the time to get my cards done.

Bonus item:  We're off to our younger son's soon to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner - our DIL is from Vermont.  Originally they had only invited friends but as a couple had dropped out we got invited to go.

Hope all my American friends enjoyed Thanksgiving and everyone is having a good weekend.


  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your son's family.
    What a sweet birthday party for Ella and with ALL her cousins. That is great!
    I agree with you on not downsizing. We appreciate having the room to invite people over and to have room to accommodate visitors from out of town.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Linda, yes it's good to be able to accommodate visitors.

  2. The rooms are looking really good. I would like to redecorate my bedrooms but not sure when that will get done. I'm just making curtains for them at the moment maybe that will inspire me to get the paint brushes out!

    1. Years since I made curtains. Fortunately the blinds in the office were still ok so we didn't replace them - just matched the wall colour to the colour on the outer blind. I'm thankful that we're able to get decorators in to do all the hard work.

  3. I love the new paint. Ella's birthday party looks like a lot of fun. What a cute cake she had! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your son and DIL. See you again soon!

  4. I love the blue color in your office!! Great photos of all the kiddos!! Gosh, they are getting so big!! How fun that you celebrated Thanksgiving with "us"!! My Thanksgiving dinner was canceled. I got covid while at Disney the week before. It hasn't been bad. Just like a cold. No fever or flu-like symptoms. I just feel bad that the 9 people who were coming to my house for dinner had to find something else to do. Happy weekend, my friend!! xo

  5. How fun to be with all the kids. So cute. Love the color of the room. Happy Sunday.

  6. What a fun place to have a birthday party! And how nice to have people decorate! It's good you had enough room to stay in one of the spare rooms while the work was being done. That's great you were able to figure out the Internet problem. I would have been lost. Ours doesn't reach the farthest corner of the house, and it's frustrating. Yay for getting Christmas postcards done! And how fun that you get to experience an American Thanksgiving.

  7. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner! I don't know how people downsize, unless all of their children live nearby. We need more beds here every year lol.

  8. Hi Wendy,
    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner. :-)
    The birthday party looks like great fun.

  9. That sounds like a fun place to host a birthday! Love the color in your rooms. Now it makes me want to repaint. How fun that you got to have a Thanksgiving dinner!

  10. I see you are some FFF behind ! Meanwhile I saw on TV that you have a lot of snow and I watched a video of London in snow. I haven't seen a flake hear, but usually in mornings we have - 8°C ! Fortunately my apartment is warm ! During the day it's around O°, temperatures to stay home and only go out for shopping !


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