Tuesday 22 August 2023

Healthy eating? Not!

Well this week didn't get off to the best of starts.  We babysat for our daughter on Sunday evening so I didn't get moving very quickly yesterday morning.   I ended up faffing about and leaving myself no time for a walk before it got dark so my step count was very low.  Is it me or is it starting to get dark much earlier?  I know that logically it should be but August is still a summer month!  I'm going to have to start adjusting my timings.

Today was a better day for steps - I'm just over the 10,000 level so I'm pleased with that.  I also had company here for lunch - my former work colleagues that I meet up with regularly - we take it in turns to host lunch and it was my turn today.

The main course wasn't too bad - chicken, new potatoes and air fried broccoli and cauliflower but, of course, I love making a nice dessert.

I tried a new recipe and it turned out really well.

Of course I forgot to take a photo when it was whole but this is what's left:

Summer berries mousse.

I could try and argue that it contains a lot of fruit especially raspberries but of course the mousse also contains a lot of cream and creme fraiche.  Oh and a biscuit base.  Definitely not on the healthy eating list.  But it was delicious.

Anyway I shall be passing some of the leftovers to my daughter tomorrow and maybe only having another tiny piece.....😉

I did walk for nearly 50 minutes this evening and at a reasonable pace so hopefully I've counteracted some of those excess calories.  Back to the healthy stuff tomorrow.


  1. That dessert sure looks tasty...

  2. New potatoes... always a favorite of mine. YUM!!!

  3. It is so hard to pass up delicious food and especially delicious desserts! Yes, it is getting dark earlier now and is also darker in the mornings than usual. Good for you keeping after those steps!! Hugs!

  4. It's indeed getting dark earlier, I have to switch the light on earlier ! I think you should take a dog who forces you even more to walk and will eat all left overs ! You will become so skinny that you can hide behind a broom stick ! Yes I had a lot of fun with my cousin, she is a real funny girl.


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