Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Back to normality 4/11/15

Well I'm sure everyone is bored with hearing about my daughter's wedding last week.  I can't believe it's over a week since the happy day.  Thank you to all those who checked out my posts and left lovely comments.

Last week I was very tired and I think suffering from the anti-climax of the event.  I didn't get much done at all.  It was not a great week.  Not helped by the clocks having gone back and the nights drawing in.  I don't like the short days and long nights but I did have the company of this lovely cat:

Meet Lady.  My daughter's cat who we are looking after while the girls are on their honeymoon.  I can bore you about that instead of the wedding.  They flew to Las Vegas and spent 3 nights there managing to take in an Elton John concert during their stay.  They are currently in California.  Driving down from San Franciso to Santa Barbara before heading on to Hawaii.  They were supposed to be hiring a Mustang convertible but ended up with a rather sensible looking estate car that looks a bit like a tank.  Personally I'm glad the convertible wasn't available!

The poor cat must be wondering what's going on but she seems to be doing ok.  She's stopped hiding in the downstairs bathroom and seems happy to sit with me on the sofa and sleep at the bottom of my bed.  She'd not eating a great deal but she is eating and drinking so I think she's settling.

She hasn't done many poos, but given the little she is eating that's not worrying me and she has done everything inside her litter tray.  In the past when she's been stressed there have been accidents but so far so good.

This week I've gone back to decluttering.  This is even more crucial now as our son and his wife have asked to move back in when their tenancy expires next April so that they can save money for a deposit for a house.  Of course we have said yes but it does mean I need to get on with sorting out the house!

Fortunately I have found a home for my leftover jumble - my cousin is involved with her local dog shelter and they are about to open a charity shop and need stock.  I've been meaning to visit my cousin for ages but with the wedding and helping out with my sister-in-law it hasn't happened.  Now I have a real incentive to go so hopefully I'll be going up to her the week after next with a carload of stuff.  

I've also discovered that portable TVs count as bulky waste items as far as our council are concerned.  We have 3 of those in the house plus a couple of old DVD players so I'm going to get them together and book a collection.  

Baby steps.

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  1. De-cluttering feels SO good. My problem is to not let more accumulate after a de-cluttering! Great to have a good place to donate your items and for a good cause! Sounds like the girls are having a great time. Maybe you can share some Hawaii pictures with us when they get back!


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