Sunday, 8 November 2015

I took a selfie today! 8/11/15

 I took a selfie today.  Well actually it was a twosie.  Or a pairsie or whatever it is when the picture is of yourself and someone else.  In this case it was hubby.  It's not actually the first selfie I've taken.  I took some when we were on a boat trip last year.  I actually took a lot!  That's what happens when you use the burst function without realising what you're doing.

I wouldn't normally take a selfie but this one was a bit of a protest.  My daughter keeps bugging me for photos of her cat.  Clearly she and her partner are concerned about their cat.  The cat who is staying with me at present and who is fine!  

The cat, Lady, is still upset at the move to my house, as she is still not eating loads but she is eating and comes to me for attention.  She will sit next to me on the sofa and is happy to sleep at the end of my bed.  It could be a lot worse.  She occasionally speaks to me in cat talk too.  I'm not worried about her and they are over half way through their honeymoon now so I'm counting down.

Anyway the girls are keeping in touch via Whatsapp but each time the request comes in for a photo of the cat.  Today I did a short video clip but I also attached the selfie of hubby and me in case they might be missing us!

I think they are having too much fun to be missing anyone but clearly they have guilty feelings about subjecting the cat to the disruption of moving home albeit temporarily.  We did offer to move into their flat but it seems that was too stressful for them.  The tidying, cleaning etc that would have had to be done before the wedding was beyond them.  As if I expected to be moving into a spotless palace when they had been preparing for a wedding and a honeymoon.

Well tomorrow I will see just how messy it is as I have to go over there for a delivery.  I just hope they emptied the bins!


  1. Well, for goodness sake, I was expecting to see the twosie and a photo of the cat! Share please!! :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know you added the photos, Wendy!! So nice to see your face and to also see your grand-furbaby!! Hugs!!


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