Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday's Fave Five - 5/8/16

It's Friday so it's time to join in with Suzanne's Friday's Fave Five. 
It's a place to come on Fridays and think back over your week and just post about 5 favourite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favourite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, great internet finds, etc., etc.

If you want to take part or visit other Fave Five posts, click on the picture above to go to host Suzanne's site and check out the linky list.

Here are my 5 for this week:

1)  Afternoon tea with my daughter.  This was a belated birthday treat for me from her.  We went to the conservatory at the Barbican Centre.  It was lovely and it was good spending quality time with her.  

The conservatory has so many wonderful plants in it and it is like an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle that the Barbican Centre feels like.  The tea was pretty good too!

2)  Feeling fitter.  Well motivated to get fitter.  Our family group is still going strong and several of us have managed to get out and continue with the C25K app.  I've managed to complete the first week and hubby even joined me on two mornings.

Not a very flattering photo but evidence that we had just been running!

3)  Peace and quiet.  Today I have the house to myself and it's lovely.

4)  Crossing things off the to do list.  This week I've managed to sort out a wine rack in the kitchen for red wine.  Previously all our wine was in the cellar but in the winter that means the red wine is too cold.  I also managed to wash, dry and iron my net curtains from our lounge today.  A job I've been meaning to do for ages.

5)  Catching up with my best friend on Monday.  She was a teacher so getting together was always a holiday thing but she's just retired so hopefully we'll be seeing more of one another.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. {{{Big, Big smiles}}} Enjoyed your Friday Fave. Have a beautiful weekend. smiles

  2. I love all of your Fives. Tea, exercise, wine (at just the right temp!), time to yourself and with a friend. I wish my best friend would retire! It is hit or miss that we get to do things together.

    Enjoy your weekend, Wendy.

  3. That afternoon tea looks delicious. An interesting venue as well.

  4. It's fun when our kids hang out with us! Good for you for keeping up with the running. I love having the house to myself - doesn't happen too often these days.

    Love crossing things off the to-do list, too! Glad you got to get together with your teacher friend!

  5. We have the ability to create for ourselves your kind of day that included love, hospitality towards others, taking good care of ourselves, and time to savor our lives. Your post is a fine reminder that honoring a day like you had can work for us too.

  6. Sounds like a productive week!!

  7. Love your fave fives this week! I'm going to google Barbican Centre.
    Hurrah for you getting out and running! We walk almost nightly, but I know I need to add more 'exercise' into my week.
    And good on you for all that housework! Come on over and help me!

  8. Enjoyed reading your five! That tea tray looks scrumptious! Way to go getting out and getting fit! I love to-do lists simply for the fact of seeing crossed off chores. I've even been known to add chores already done just so I can see the crossed off the list. It kinda motivates me. But that is between me and you, don't tell anybody. ;)

  9. Anytime spent with our daughters is lovely in my mind, but taking tea together makes the time even more beautiful. That tray of goodies looks scrumptious.

    Hurray for you on getting out and exercising. I've been trying to get back in the swing for months. In desperation, I bought some new exercise clothes over the weekend. Maybe that will bring incentive to get at it again.

    I enjoy quiet days at home. Wish I had more of them.

    Ooh, you have a wine cellar! I'm envious. I love wine, especially a good merlot.

    Hope you have a beautiful week.



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