Monday, 12 December 2016

Bone Tired 12/12/16

I'm sure we've all heard the term bone tired/weary but this weekend it definitely described how I felt.  My daughter and her wife moved home this weekend and hubby and I helped them.  In fact I've been helping on and off the last few weeks.

My daughter is just 3 months pregnant and has had to take things very easy under Doctor's orders.  My DIL has also had some health issues.  Moving came at exactly the wrong time.  I never thought they'd be packed up in time for the removal firm who moved them on Saturday but they were.  Just!

I spent Friday helping pack up the last bits and pieces and then bringing their cat back to us for the night.  On Saturday I had to be over at the flat to lock up after the removal men left and then come home before taking the cat over to the new house.  And then the unpacking began.  Hubby came to help and we got a lot done but we were back there on Sunday to try and get them reasonably straight before the start of the working week.  Fortunately it's only a 40 minute drive there.  Quicker than getting to the flat which was easier to get to by public transport.  That took an hour and involved walking and lots of up and down stairs at the stations.

By Sunday evening we were all exhausted but the move was complete and many of the boxes were unpacked.  The cat also seems to be settling in well to their new home.

Today I've had an easy day including lunch with ladies from church.  Very conveniently for me they chose to go to the pub at the end of my road.

Tomorrow we're going to visit my brother who has also just moved house.  Hopefully we won't be asked to do any unpacking!

Apologies if I haven't visited/commented/responded to comments much lately.  I'm trying to keep up with reading posts but usually in bed on my ipad which doesn't make commenting easy.  I'm sure we're all pretty busy at the moment.


  1. You have been BUSY!! Glad the move happened and all is well. Hope you are getting some rest now!

  2. Glad the move went well and I'm sure they are delighted to be in their new home in time for Christmas. I think 'bone tired' is a perfect description for many of us at the moment.

  3. I am glad all went though....I can't wait to hear (hopefully) about their new home, Wendy. Have a beautiful Tuesday (and how lovely to have a pub down the road, smiles).

  4. Glad the move is fini! Hoping for more peaceful days for you and your hubby.

  5. Did your daughter move in with you or just near you? I don't even like the thought of moving. I have been in this house almost 30 years! Yikes, there is so much stuff!

    1. They have moved into a rented house that's a 40 minute drive away from us. My brother and his wife have just moved after 40 years in the same house. It took two removal lorries to move all their stuff.


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