Friday, 2 December 2016

What I'm craving today - 2/12/16

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The word this week is Crave

Well I was craving two things this morning, peace and quiet and chocolate.  Well ok I guess that is three things but you get my drift.

I love being in my house on my own.  I usually get plenty of time to do that but hubby has been home all week (he usually works Wednesday - Fridays) so my routine has been disrupted.  Even more so because he has had a cold.  Just a cold, not flu or anything more serious but it has kept him home.  And under my feet.

This morning however, thankfully he was feeling better, he had an early appointment at the audiology clinic and then he texted me to say he was going on a shopping trip!  Hallelujah.  Peace and quiet to myself.

And as for that other craving?  Well my daughter bought me an advent calendar as a thank you for the help I've been giving her with moving.  But not just any average advent calendar.  A Lindt chocolate advent calendar.  I'm in heaven.  Although I'm a bit worried that my cravings will mean it not lasting until Christmas!

Cravings satisfied - for now!


  1. Peace and quiet and chocolate...sounds perfect for this quiet morning! Your FMF neighbor.

  2. oh... I WANT ONE TOO!!! They look great, oh right, I don't. I don't lindt. BUT my family does... so yes... I DO WANT ONE TOO.... cause then I can make a young boy smile, a hubby grin and a student give his shy smile. :) YES.. .that is what I want. Visiting from FMF#18

  3. Ah, chocolate! I don't tolerate it well any more but it does bring back memories.

    Great, lively post.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  4. What an adorable calendar. Here's hoping you can make it last until Christmas. :)
    Patricia (FMF#37)

  5. Oh my goodness. My favorite chocolate of all time!! I understand that craving of needing an empty house. I miss that myself!! Bless you every day Wendy!

  6. What a nice gift!! It wouldn't last at my house - don't feel guilty!!


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