Monday, 2 October 2017

Book reviews (A couple I missed)

The Perfect GirlThe Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Zoe Maisey is a seventeen-year-old musical prodigy with a genius IQ. Three years ago, she was involved in a tragic incident that left three classmates dead. She served her time, and now her mother, Maria, is resolved to keep that devastating fact tucked far away from their new beginning, hiding the past even from her new husband and demanding Zoe do the same.

Tonight Zoe is giving a recital that Maria has been planning for months. It needs to be the performance of her life. But instead, by the end of the evening, Maria is dead. In the aftermath, everyone—police, family, Zoe's former solicitor, and Zoe herself—tries to piece together what happened. But as Zoe knows all too well, the truth is rarely straightforward, and the closer we are to someone, the less we may see.

Unfolding over a span of twenty-four hours through three compelling narratives, The Perfect Girl is gripping, surprising, and emotionally complex—a richly layered look at loyalty, second chances, and the way secrets unravel us all."

I enjoyed the way this story unfolded showing us in flashbacks what had happened in the past – how the 14 year old Zoe had driven a car, not knowing that her drinks had been spiked and been involved in an accident, killing 3 other teenagers. She had spent time in a young offenders institution and after her release she and her Mother had made a new start.
The new start included a 2nd marriage for her Mother and Zoe gained a step-dad, Chris, and a step-brother, Lucas. The past seems to be behind them but when Zoe and Lucas are preparing to perform at a concert one of the victim’s parents storms into the concert hall and creates a scene.
The same parent turns up at their house later and this sets off a sequence of events that lead to Maria’s death.
The present is told through various POVs and although it was interesting to see how the story unfolded and the way Zoe and Lucas conspired together to provide enough evidence for Chris to be prosecuted for Maria’s death there wasn’t a great deal of suspense or depth to the book. It was an easy read but not a great read.

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The DressThe Dress by Jane L. Rosen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Legend has it that every season there is one dress. The dress that can make your career, ignite a spark with that special someone, or utterly transform your life. For Felicia, who has been in love with her boss for 20 years; for Natalie who has sworn off men since her ex dumped her – for them and for others, life is about to change.

And all because of their brush with the dress of the season, the perfect little black number that everyone wants to get their hands on…

A lovely light fluffy read that takes various characters and weaves a story from them all linked by the LBD. Great escapism.

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  1. The Dress sounds like a good one. I need something fun and light. Too much sad and just too much stuff going on. I need a light, fun read.


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