Saturday, 28 October 2017

Friday's Fave Five on Saturday!

Fridays are a time to look back on the week and share our blessings.
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Well I didn't get here yesterday but I still enjoy looking back on my week and finding some blessings.

1)  Unseasonably warm weather.  We've had some lovely days this week and although the leaves are still changing colour and dropping the temperature was definitely not autumnal.

2)  A great community at church.  We usually stay after Mass for tea & coffee.  It's a good way to start your Sunday.

3)  Lots of Nathan time.  I got a call on Tuesday to see if I was able to go over - Vicky needed to be at work and Becca was exhausted so of course I went.  I took him out for a long walk so that Becca could sleep.  I was already booked to go on Wednesday as it was their 2nd wedding anniversary and they had lunch plans plus a visit to a spa in the afternoon.  I took my DIL Elizabeth with me and we took him out for a long walk again and we had a great time.  He ate his lunch (broccolli) and took a bottle.  We played for a bit and then when he started getting grumpy I managed to get him to sleep again.  Of course he woke up just before they arrived home so as they walked through the door he was screaming.  It was probably a tummy pain because immediately after we left he filled his nappy!  I think his timing was spot on but his Mummies probably didn't agree!
This photo was taken last week when Nick was there with me.

4)  A catch up with former work colleagues.  I usually rely on one of them to sort out a get together but I decided to take the initiative and invite everyone here for a change.  I asked 8 people thinking at least one or two wouldn't be free but of course they all accepted!  That's when it's handy being part of a big extended family - cooking for big numbers doesn't phase me.  We had chilli and rice followed by Eton Mess, plus:

5) Generous friends - one of my regular lunch ladies had offered to make an apple crumble for the get together.  I'm usually bad at accepting or asking for help but on this occasion I'd accepted her offer.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, she'd let the crumble overcook (it was a bit crunchy around the edge but perfectly edible) so she'd brought a chocolate pudding too.  It was nice to catch up and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  We plan to catch up again just before Christmas after our trip to Australia but I think I'll suggest the local pub for that. 

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


  1. One of the joys of not working must be the ability to help look after Nathan at a moment's notice.

  2. That Nathan is so adorable and what a gentleman to give you a pass on that dirty diaper!! You evening with friends sounds lovely!

  3. What a sweet day you had with Nathan. I agree that his timing was perfect!
    I'm glad you have had some great weather. It's wonderful to be able to be outdoors and take walks when the weather cooperates.

  4. Nathan is just beautiful! How nice for all of you, that you get to spend time with him. Your gathering with friends sounds lovely.

  5. We were never allowed to take care of Toby ! Only now that he is 6. All what you write we never had. They really were helicopter parents. It was not only us, it was with the other family also. I had a wonderful cheese cake yesterday after scrabble !

  6. Sounds like your week was lovely. Friends and family really are the best blessings.


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