Sunday, 11 March 2018

I blinked and the weekend's over!

Ha not really.  But this weekend has really flown by.

On Friday I'd been invited out to lunch with my usual Ladies that Lunch which was lovely.  It was my friend Catherine's turn to host and she loves to cook so we had a baked curry dish with Indian style rice followed by a lovely meringue dessert.  It was all delicious and the company was good too.

However, I was also entertaining in the evening.  Nick's family.  All his siblings and partners - 14 for dinner including us.  Fortunately I was well prepared - I'd made 4 large Moussakas in advance which only needed to be reheated.  I organised dips and pitta bread and olives etc for starters and I'd made a baked cheesecake the day before.  For once I even remembered to take a photo.  Just as well as it all got eaten!
Once we'd eaten we checked out a couple of local bars before heading home for some tea and coffee.  We ended up with 6 guests staying overnight.

On Saturday we had a leisurely morning with a cooked breakfast that was almost brunch and then set off for a walk in the Olympic park.  I left them after a while as they wanted to head off down the canal paths and I was feeling a bit tired.  I also wanted to get back and straighten up a bit - put extra chairs away etc.

They called in for a drink before heading home and then Nick and I slumped in front of the TV in the evening.

Today we have been over to Becca & Vicky's to celebrate their first Mother's Day with Nathan.  

We went out to Hampstead for a nice lunch then back to theirs for tea before heading home.  Now  I'm having a well earned relax.  It's been a lovely weekend with all the eating, drinking and socialising but it has been tiring!

For all those celebrating today - Happy Mother's Day.


  1. wow! That sounds like a very busy weekend. What a sweet little family in your picture.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you! Seems like you had a lovely weekend that ended in just the best way.. that sweet boy!

  3. It sounds like a busy, wonderful weekend, and a lot of fun for everyone! Your Friday night meal sounds fabulous. Happy Mother's Day to you, Wendy.

  4. Hats off to you for your preparation and energy hosting a meal for 14 and then brunch the next day! Exhausting weekend but fun.

  5. Happy Mother's Day. What a lovely weekend. The food sounds so good. I would like a piece of your cheesecake.

  6. I am already exhausted when I read your post ! Years before it was normal for me to have a lot of guests, but now I "panic" when I have to plan for 6 !! Nathan has grown a lot, soon he will start to walk and keep the mums busy, lol !

  7. Wow that sounds like a busy weekend. I hope by now you have had time to relax and recharge. I love hosting a lot of people too, but with age it gets to be more tiring.
    Your Ladies that Lunch sounds interesting. How many ladies are there? I have a group of lady friends that invite each other once a month for a meal and fun together. Love it!


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