Saturday, 26 May 2018

Friday's Fave 5 on Saturday! (26/5/18)


Friday is time to look back on the week and find five things to be grateful for. Drop in to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for full details and other participants.

1) Well one thing I'm not grateful for this week is another cold! Again courtesy of Nathan. He's been runny nosed all week and wheezing but he was still cheerful so I'm thankful for that.

2) Warm days. Even some sunshine. I did a lot of walking on the two days with Nathan. It was good not to have raincovers and blankets.

3) A hubby who can cook and doesn't mind shopping. Thursday with Nathan was hard this week as I was feeling the effects of the cold but at least I didn't have to come home and cook - hubby took care of that and yesterday too.

4) The Royal Wedding. Definitely a good distraction although I didn't watch it until Monday because:

5) This:

Grandson #2 Noah Henry. He arrived 3 weeks early on Thursday 17th and I was itching to write about him on last week's Friday Five but hadn't got Mummy's permission by then. We spent the weekend up in Nottingham having lots of cuddles. Mummy and baby are doing well but of course he's feeding very frequently at the moment so everyone is tired but my son is now on leave from his job so he's doing a great job of keeping everything under control.

Of course we'd love to have gone again this weekend but not with this cold but hopefully next weekend, unless of Grandchild #3 decides to put in an early appearance too! Watch this space.

Apologies to regular readers for the repetition of the baby news but I am besotted so expect lots more pictures and updates.


  1. Such joy in your world right now!! Sorry for the cold. I've been fighting one for seven weeks now. No fun. Hope yours is over soon!! No need to apologize for baby news!! Love it!!

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson! So cute! I hope you and Nathan get over your colds soon. Glad you had some warms days to get out into. It's wonderful to come home to dinner already made.

  3. I'm so happy for you with your new grandson! Being a grandma is THE BEST!
    I hope you are completely recovered from the cold by the weekend so you can get more snuggles.

  4. I bet that new arrival made everything seem OK! Congrats on the little one.


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