Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wedding? What Wedding?

Of course living here in the UK it was impossible to avoid being aware of the recent Royal Wedding.  I've lost count of the number of TV programmes dedicated to all things Royal and how they met, where they met, how weddings are planned and so on and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I love following the life stories of our royal family, unlike my husband who thinks it's a great drain on public finances.  Not that he has any idea of how the finances actually work.

However, I did not watch the wedding on Saturday.  What?  I hear you scream.  The biggest event of the year and you didn't watch it.  Well of course I watched it, in full glory, but not until Monday!

I had more important things to be doing, like travelling to Nottingham to meet this little man:

Introducing Noah Henry, born 17th May and weighing in at 7lb 1oz.  Grandson #2.


  1. Well you have a great excuse!! Congratulations.....

  2. I think your Noah definitely comes before any wedding - even a royal one! Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations. He looks adorable and what a lovely name.

  4. There's always YouTube for the royal wedding. You deffinitely made the better choice. He's adorable.

  5. Of course that was more important and "life" !!

  6. What a sweetheart. Congratulations my friend!!
    Love, Carla

  7. Congrats on your grandson. He's adorable!


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