Saturday, 26 May 2018

This is a baby free post! (Almost)

Having a cold that also includes an annoying cough and lack of sleep from a husband who can still manage to rumble and grumble despite his CPAP machine working flat out has left me well out of sorts today.

Mainly because I don't have the energy or inclination to tackle my very long (and seemingly never decreasing) to do list.  I usually make myself an immediate list each day and I do like the satisfaction of crossing things off.  Not today.

Today is a "let's look after myself (or feel sorry for myself) day so I'm whiling away time either here or with a book or knitting.  (Oops that could have led to a baby reference.)

Except the book (Dancing Over the Hill by Cathy Hopkins) is, so far, about a marriage that seems to have stagnated and hit difficulties when the husband is made redundant.  Good Housekeeping states it's "Funny and feel-good".  Not so far.  Hopefully it will get better as it's making me thing a little too hard about my own situation.  Of course my hubby is still working, although only 3 days per week, but my being at home full time has taken some adjusting too and just when I start feeling like I'm on track to get some projects underway I go down with another cold.  It's frustrating.  Although of course it feels like I'm working 2 days per week now (not mentioning the baby word) but this work is a joy if somewhat exhausting.  Heaven help me when the baby becomes mobile!

Anyway I will persevere with the book for a little bit longer to see if it improves.   I actually gave up on a book earlier this week which is unusual for me but I really wasn't liking it and decided life's too short to be doing things you don't have to.  Especially when your "to be read" pile resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa and could collapse at any point.  I did cull some books from there yesterday.  I'd kept several (well maybe more than several) books that hubby had read because they looked interesting, but on second glance I just thought No!  I'm not going to enjoy reading that.  I have plenty of other books that I will enjoy reading so time to get rid.  Of course this now means I have a pile of books to take to the local market stall bookseller.  The stallholder raises funds for charity so I don't mind passing them on to him especially when it will more likely be hubby that takes them.

That doesn't mean I've totally given up on the BBC reading list I'm working through but I'm currently stuck on Wuthering Heights.  I started it so long ago and put it down I'll probably have to start again.

I've decided I need to invest in some vitamin C and some early nights with a book.  I tend to go to bed quite late but recently I've been waking fairly early so the amount of sleeping time has suffered.  Of course if I could just resist the urge to make one last check of my social media or whatsapp etc I might not be quite so tired!

What I should be doing right now is going through my e-mails and dealing with all the ones relating to the recent changes to Data Protection.  Hopefully it might result in less e-mails finding their way into my inbox.  

Of course I could do the Pub Quiz in the weekend paper first.  Yep, that's another good way of procrastinating!  Especially now I'm done with waffling.

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  1. Sometimes are like just feels as if one never makes any real progress. I suppose we just have to weather our way through them. It is frustrating always get a cold. I work with toddlers, they are like little germ mops and they love to share.


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