Friday, 29 June 2018

Loving the peace & quiet

I've been at my laptop for a while now, posting on my blog, catching up with friends blogs, Facebook etc chilling in the garden.  It's still so warm out there and I'm enjoying just chilling and watching my new fairy lights come on as it's got dark.

I had to light the citronella candles and cover up to avoid the mosquitos but it was still relaxing.

I've had to retreat now as my laptop needed charging and I need to water the garden.  This weather is lovely but the garden is suffering.


  1. I like your fairy lights. Thanks for reading all my posts and commenting. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Fairy lights... what a quaint term! It looks like a perfectly lovely, tranquil evening (despite the mosquitos).

  3. The lights look wonderful! Very nice!

  4. This is a perfect spot. I love it. :-)


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