Friday, 29 June 2018

Friday's Fave Five - 29/6/18

If you want to join in with the Friday Five you can find all the details here, on Susanne's site.

It's where we look back on the week and find things we're grateful for.  

Well this has been another busy week for me, (apologies if I've not got around to visiting all your blogs/responding to comments) but lots to be grateful for:

1)  I made it to another birthday!  I spent the actual day (Tuesday) looking after Nathan as usual.  Nick joined me for the whole day and the girls had bought a cake and we did the whole "Happy Birthday" thing with candles and singing.  Nathan was totally bemused.

In the evening Nick and I went out for a meal to a recently opened mediterranean style restaurant near home.  I had garlic mushrooms to start followed by a salmon dish with tomatoes, onions etc on a bed of mashed potato.  Both were delicious but I had no room for dessert!

(These tasted better than they look here - I forgot to take pictures until after I'd started eating!)

2)  Afternoon tea outing with hubby last Saturday - this was actually a voucher I'd had for last year's birthday that we finally got around to using.  We started with a glass of champagne followed by sandwiches, lovely little cakes and scones with jam and cream.

Yummy.  We also had a walk around Covent Garden and nearby Somerset House.

3)  On Sunday Becca & Vicky took us out for lunch for my birthday and belated Father's Day.  We went to a family friendly Italian restaurant.  The staff made such a fuss of Nathan.  Afterwards we babysat for them while they went to an open air concert - the weather was lovely fortunately.  We got to do the whole bedtime routine with Nathan for the first time - bath, stories, milk and then bed.  They've started to try and put him down awake in his cot in his own room now.  It's proving a challenge but for us he was asleep within 5 minutes.  Of course he woke just after his Mummies got home and then was difficult to settle.  He does not like going to bed!

4)  Monday and Wednesday were spent catching up with friends.  Always good to get together and just chat and relax.  We also had Michael, Liz and Rory here for dinner on Wednesday.  He's 4 weeks old today - time is flying!

5)  Good weather!  It's been hot and sunny all week and I'm so grateful that I don't have to be at work.  We're lucky that our garden is south facing so it gets the sun most of the day but there are always cool spots in the house and I'm composing this on the patio which is now in the shade.  It's quiet and peaceful and it's a good place to reflect on a good week.

We're off to Nottingham on Sunday to catch up with Noah.  Can't wait!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Happy birthday, Wendy! That afternoon tea sounded wonderful. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  2. Happy Birthday Wendy. Your tea looked lovely!

  3. It is amazing how those vouchers (gift cards) can get forgotten for so long. I have a handful to use up - I just used a year and a half old one for a facial from my daughter! Happy Birthday to you. Today is my first visit to your blog and I have just become your newest follower. I hope you will stop by when you have a chance. So happy to meet you ♥

  4. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like it has been a great week!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I love going to new restaurants.

    That tray of food looks really yummy!

    I love time with family and friends, it's such a Blessing! Usually lots of laughs are involved.

    We are moving soon and I plan on having a garden. It will be my first one and I'm excited.

  6. Happy belated birthday! It's fun trying new foods, at new restaurants, too!

    The baby looks so happy in your husband's arms!

    Getting together with good friends is always a blessing!

    Happy weekend!

  7. With the demands of an expanding family i am amazed you manage to get any blogging done. Happy belated birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! I love birthday celebrations that span a few days. It sounds like you got lots of grandma (nana?) time in, too.

  9. I was a little lazy with comments lately, but it was really a lack of time ! When the weather is so nice I am often away with my friends and time flies by so quickly ! Nathan has changed a lot ! it's nice that you can babysit him on a regular base. I see Toby only on the Whatsapp and for the moment he is in football fever and has not a lot of time to talk to his Nonna !

  10. It does sound like a lovely but busy week. Happy Birthday to you. I've never had salmon that way but it does sound good and who doesn't love garlic and mushrooms? Yum!

  11. Belated happy birthday! I love that you had several celebrations over a few days - and lots of time with family.

  12. Happy birthday late Wendy!! It looks like you had a great one!! My favorite things are afternoon tea and french macaroons!!! Yummy!


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