Saturday 6 February 2021

Friday's Fave Five (On Saturday!) 5/2/21


Well I'm a day late here and I don't really have an excuse.  But it's still good to reflect on the past week and find 5 things to be thankful for and then share them over at Susanne's blog - Living to tell the Story.

I decided to swap the snowy picture for the one above - the birds have been using our feeders a lot this week and the snow has been replaced with rain on and off.  We may get more snow tomorrow but hopefully it will miss us.  Roll on spring.

Anyway here are my 5 faves for last week:

1)  Hubby had his first Covid jab yesterday.  We had to travel back to our old area and there was quite a queue when I dropped him off but he was done and ready to be picked up in about 45 minutes so not too bad.

Hopefully he'll get his reminder ok for the 2nd dose as we've now, finally, registered with a local GP.  I'll have to wait a bit longer for mine.

2)  A zoom call with all our kids last Saturday.  We did the pub quiz from the newspaper, something we all enjoy but it can get a bit competitive lol.  They're all doing ok which is a blessing in itself but I think we're all finding this current lockdown hard.

3)  Another zoom call, this time with hubby's siblings.  We chatted for nearly 2 hours.  It's lovely but it can be hard to hear everything being said when there are 14 of you trying to get a word in edgeways lol.

4)  Some sunshine amongst the rain.  It has been quite a wet week but there were some sunny spells and a couple of lovely sunsets.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of those.

5)  Reading time.  I've had a bit of a lazy week (apart from our usual 2 days at our daughter's where I don't sit down much at all!) so I've done quite a bit of reading this week. 

So another week in lockdown survived.  It's hard but it's good being able to chat to the kids and they keep us supplied with lots of pics and videos of the kids to cheer us up.  This is one of my favourites at the moment:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!


  1. I love seeing happy faces and hearing giggles.
    Zoom has been a lifesaver for so many. I zoom with my art group friends in CA every Friday. Always makes me happy.
    We have sunshine today! It's frigidly cold out, but it's sunny! May you have many sunny days this next week.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I am glad you get to Zoom with your family and friends...and I think its safe to say, weariness is setting in over these lockdowns. I better leave it at that, sigh.

  3. So nice that we have zoom to be able to keep in contact with one another. I can’t wait till this is all over.

  4. Awww baby laughter, it can't help but make the listener smile too! I'm finding these restrictions harder too as this darn virus drags on. Technology is a blessing to help us all stay in touch, for sure! Even though our winter has been quite mild compared to the usual we get, I still can't wait for spring especially as we're being hit with a polar vortex this week and it is bitter cold!

  5. Hello - sure hope you are able to get your vaccine soon. Glad your husband was able to get his first vaccine dose. I am getting my second dose of the Moderna vaccine this coming Friday. We have been using Marco Polo to stay in touch with our daughter and grandkids. Not quite the same as Zoom, but it works for us, so far. Glad you have been able to do some reading and it is so great that you can spend a couple of days each week at your daughters. Have a good weekend and stay well.

  6. Such a beautiful sound, a baby cooing and laughing:) Zoom has been a lifesaver for our family. Our restrictions lifted a bit, so we're in the yellow phase, which means restaurants are allowed to have more customers inside. Until I get the vaccine, I'll still be careful.

  7. AW.....BABY GIGGLES!!! the best sound ever! so cute!

    Glad your hubby could get his vaccine. So unbelievable that you guys are STILL in lockdown!! WOW! don't people wear their masks and socially distance over there??

    I qualify for the vaccine right now as I"m a teacher but getting an appointment has proved very difficult. I finally gave up and will just wait until either my doctor gets the vaccines (if ever..for some weird reason docs in NYS just aren't getting have to go to some huge center all over the state ...various makes absolutely NO sense not to send the shots to doctors). But that's our New York Government for ya. OIY!

    We've had a sunny week here too every day except the day it snowed. I LOVE the bright blue skies and sunshines we are having today with warmer temps. It's melting the snow we received. I hope there's some snow left for winter break though as i want to hike in the deep woods with snow on the trails. I have Winter Break from teaching from feb 13-22nd.

    ENJOY the weekend doing the things you love!

  8. Thanks for sharing that video! There is no better sound than a baby laughing! Have a good weekend, Wendy! Hang in there!

  9. That's so true without the video chats it would be even harder. Toby is also at home and does video school, I think they are all fed up with the lockdown, Dario plays Golf which is the only sport allowed in Holland 4 people together ! Toby misses his football and the school and Marieken I think suffers the most being with her two men the whole day together and she has to work ! She loves going into her office and out of the house !

  10. There's nothing like baby giggles. We're so fortunate to have Zoom and FaceTime and the like. We're supposed to get snow tonight, but here you just never know for sure until it happens. I'm ready for spring, but we have a few weeks yet. We've been really overcast lately, even when it hasn't been raining. It's so cheering to see sunshine on the days when the clouds aren't in the way. Reading time is one of my favorite parts of the week.

  11. So dear that sweet picture of a happy baby! Makes life worthwhile.

  12. Babies ~ they make life so special.
    Thank you for sharing!
    xx oo


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