Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wendysday 22 Aug 2012

A lazy Wendysday so far.

For anyone new to this blog I came up with the idea of Wendysday back in 2007 when I was blogging on Yahoo 360.  The idea being:

“Nope, not a misspelling.

Why shouldn’t it be my day? Do I only get to have one day a year? i.e. my birthday (yes ok I know I also get mother’s day if the kids remember) but I’m taking over Wednesdays. They will be about me! (No this idea is not very original – I’ve adapted it from other blogs – hopefully no one will mind.”

It started off with information about me and my family or various topics but evolved into was it a Wendysday or not.  I.e. had I had a good day or not.  Some days it was clearly not as I didn’t even get to post a blog.

Today I’ve been busy so far copying blogs from the sinking Multiply site and posting them here on blogger.   They’re on a separate blog page that I will set up properly once I’ve got all the blogs on it and then link it here.  It will take a while as it’s interesting to read back over things I’ve written.  Much of it I’ve just deleted and sometimes I think this page should be Wendy’s Whinge rather than what it is but I guess it’s a balance of both and maybe Waffle-with-Wendy is a bit less offputting.  Just hope no-one comes here looking for recipes!

If my name began with P say Patricia for example I could very easily have Procrastinating with Patricia.  But yesterday I did do two things on my procrastination list.  I boxed up a load of books and took them to a local charity bookshop and more importantly I sorted out ordering a new plaque for the garden of remembrance for my Mum and the entry for the book of remembrance.  Once the plaque is ready her ashes will be put under the rose bush we already had for my Dad and the new joint plaque will be put there.  The entry in the remembrance book will be on 19th July – that is the day my Dad died so he already has an entry on that date so we decided to keep them together.  It didn’t seem fair on Rebecca to have Mum’s entry on her date of death as that is her birthday and I didn’t want it on Mum’s birthday as we are likely to be away then.

Mum’s birthday is actually today.  She would have been 90 if she’d reached it so it is a sad day but thankfully she is now at peace and I did not want her to reach this milestone.  It would have given us another birthday dilemma of how to celebrate it when she would not have known what all the fuss was about. 

I need to get myself moving now as we’re going camping this weekend and I’ve done nothing to prepare for that yet and I’m going tomorrow!  I also need to have my kitchen ready for some work to be done on the external wall which is starting on Tuesday.

In case I don’t get back for a bit have a lovely weekend especially those in the UK where we have a bank holiday on Monday.


  1. I have too much to do and no energy to do it. Glad you got the energy, can you share?

  2. I wish you had kept quiet about the you know what on Monday the rain Gods might be listening

  3. My mother's birthday, now after years have passed, is both sad but also joyful as I remember her life before Alzheimer's. We used to make her presents when we were kids and no matter what we made her, she always liked it. Nice about the ashes and the rosebush; I think that is a lovely idea.

  4. I've been amalgamating some of my M blogs too. I don't want to save them all but it makes me sad I didn't actually write a real journal..


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