Thursday 16 August 2012

A Downside to the Olympics

I loved the Olympics.  I thought both the opening and closing ceremonies were great if a little (ok, very) GB orientated.  The way our Team GB out performed all expectations (well most of them) was amazing and the atmosphere at the park which we were able to sample was wonderful.

The improvements to our infrastructure can already be felt - our transport links are excellent and hopefully a team that delivered such a wonderful event will be able to ensure we have a legacy worth having in the future.

But - oh yes there is a but.  I've found something to moan about.

The olympics will be affecting our Family Camp this year!  This is not good.  I am not impressed.

For newcomers to this site, Family Camp is our annual get together on the last summer bank holiday - the last weekend in August.  (The Monday is a national holiday.)  We get together a lot as an extended family - there are regular celebrations - baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings and sometimes, sadly, funerals.  We are a close knit group.  We also always go to a local camp site on the holiday weekend.  We have been going for many years.  There can be anything between 30-40 of us on site at any given time ranging in age from virtually newborns to Grandma in her 80s.  

One advantage of the site is that it is close to all of us - only 30 minutes by car from our house so not a disaster if we forget anything or need to pop home to feed the cats!  It's also served by the London Tube system.

Which makes it a prime location to advertise as somewhere for people attending the olympics to stay!

Yes I know you're saying the olympics are over but the Paraolympics start that weekend!  So not only will we have to book to ensure we have space, we will also have to pay more as the prices have been hiked.

I'm waiting on feedback from other family members (I'm sure we will still go) so I can then book.  Watch this space!

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  1. I didn't see the opening ceremonies but loved the closing!! I really loved all the musical acts. And there could have been so many more but I bet it was tough to choose.

    That's too bad about your family camp being affected. Hopefully it won't deter anyone from attending.


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