Monday 20 August 2012

Getting the hang of things

Well I think I’m settling in to Blogger as my site of choice.  I’ve linked it to google reader and I’m now able to catch up with everyone there and link back to your posts.   

I’ve decided just to post links to my blogs on the sites where my other friends are e.g. Blogster and Ipernity so that you can keep up too.  I’ve enabled anonymous commenting so you should all be able to leave comments on the BLOGGER pages but I have set them to be moderated so don’t panic if they don’t appear straight away.  Just lets me stop any silly comments showing up.  

Not sure how frequently I’ll be blogging once I get back to work, 2 weeks today :(  time will tell.  We have different attitudes to change.  Some people seem to thrive on change and embrace it.  Others like me probably don’t like it too much but you have to get on with it.  Losing my Mum this year has meant changes.  I no longer have to work out when to fit visiting in or getting her washing done.  So life is easier in that respect but there is a gaping hole that has to be filled.  

Grief is a funny thing.  I expected that having felt as if I was already grieving for Mum over such a long time as she was gradually lost to us through the Alzheimer’s that her passing would be a relief, a time to move on.  I was kidding myself if I thought I’d done my grieving.  I know it will get easier, experience tells me that it will. 


  1. looks like you found a home good luck

  2. I'm liking blogger more too but wish that the commenting was easier. The Google reader thing I am finding a pain. Still, I guess we will get used to it.

    I am actually finding it easier now without Mum. That sounds bad! I think I really did do my grieving over the last 8 years. She is somewhere better now. xx

  3. And my mom's health has it so I have to work in all those trips.

  4. Ladies, there will be a post about the reader. . . it can be a pain. Just don't over think it. View it as the daily mail. Sometimes its junk and sometimes it interesting.

  5. I'm getting more used to it here too, I really like what you can do here and I'm even enjoying the challenge learning how to do every thing


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