Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Well it is Wednesday, and I am preparing a blog, so I guess it must be a Wendysday!

Familiar friends will understand, but for anyone new here, and of course that includes me, Wendysday blogs were something that I started in a former life (Multiply and before that Yahoo 360).  It started off as a means of telling visitors about myself, eg my favourite foods, books etc.  Things I’d done, e.g jobs and so on.

When I ran out of inspiration along those lines it became more of  “Was it Wendysday or not” depending on how the day had gone.

Well today is definitely a Wendysday so far.  Hubby brought me a cup of tea in bed before he left for work.  I’ve had breakfast in bed (although I did go down and prepare it myself) and I’ve been relaxing and blogging ever since.

For newcomers, I’m not usually this lazy, well not often, but I work full time in a school so I’m on holiday at the moment.  Of course that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done but I had a really productive day yesterday – did lots of chores, shopping etc and the cleaner came so the house is clean and tidy.  I’m on top of the washing so I can spare some relaxation time.

I have a few things on my to do list that are earmarked for today so I will move myself – soon – just not yet.  I have an episode of “Borgen” on my laptop I need to watch before it expires.  I’ve really got into these Scandinavian programmes lately.  I was glued to “The Killing” and then heard about Borgen which is a drama about the political set up in Denmark. 

So I’m going to post this blog, then watch Borgen and then…… hmm maybe I should get up next.  Catch you later.


  1. Happy Wendysday!

    Hmmm. Should I have Sandraday [Saturday]??

  2. Hi - nice to see you here!! I probably will be here, but, if not, I will be somewhere else. Oh, that didn't make sense, but that is the kind of day it's been.


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