Sunday 19 August 2012

Unreasonable or just hot and bothered?

It has been incredibly hot this weekend.  We have recorded the hottest temperatures of the year so far.  Yes it is finally summer but we are still complaining – it is too hot.  Even with all the windows open, fans on etc it is very hot and sticky.  Not much has been done this weekend.  I did manage to read a book.  I did manage to do some ironing when it cooled a little yesterday evening.  But we have not been very energetic at all.  

We Brits are not happy unless we are complaining about the weather it seems.  Well I found something else to complain about today.  I live opposite a large expanse of common land, some of which is used for football.  For some time now a large group of men have been coming over on Sunday afternoons and playing a friendly game.  That’s fine.  Good for them being able to play in this heat.  Trouble is, when they have finished playing they then hang around and socialise.  Only they don’t socialise on the pitch, they come back to their cars and hang around there by the road.  Just along the road opposite my house.  And they are very noisy.  Because of the layout of the houses we can even hear them in the back garden.  

Today because I had front windows open I could hear them in my lounge while watching TV.  Some of them are still there now.  I’m writing this in bed and I can still hear them.  So I have reported them for anti-social behaviour.   That probably seems unfair but I’m not brave enough to go and confront them and ask them to keep the noise down.  I tried to be fair in my report as well, explaining that if they did their congregating on the playing field it would be fine but coming back to the road is not.  

I think I’m definitely turning into a grumpy old woman!


  1. You are like the Michiganders. We are never happy with our weather. But the men socializing - I am going to guess maybe they are also drinking beer maybe? Even if not, there are rules here in the US and there too I would bet, about making noise. Better the police deal with them than you. I would have done the same. Your other neighbors are probably grateful to you.


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