Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wendysday 29th August 2012

Nearly forgot it was Wendysday – we’ve just had a long weekend here so Monday was a holiday – it throws the week out for me.   

We had a lovely weekend though – our usual family camping trip.  The weather wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t up to sunny summer August weather all the time but it wasn’t continually raining so we survived.  The storm on Friday evening was a bit worrying though – we had torrential rain, thunder and lightning and some of the tents got a bit soggy but we had enough sun on Saturday to dry them out.  It’s just a nice relaxing time with the extended family.   

Today will be a mixed day I think – I’m having some damp sorted out in the kitchen so that is a mess at the moment that I will probably have to clean up later.  (Hopefully – may not be finished until tomorrow, although really that is just the start of a lot of messy work in there – ceiling and floor both need to be done next…..)

I have to pop into work.  We had a break in at the school over the weekend so I was there yesterday making sure everything was sorted out.  Today I need to go in and download CCTV data for the police.  Not sure that it’s going to be very useful.  The thieves were very organised – they cut phones lines so that the security centre wasn’t notified when they triggered the alarm.  They brought tools so they could break through two locked doors and obviously a vehicle to transport away all the lap tops they stole.  Just so depressing as it’s the third break in this year.  Each time we have added to and improved our security and yet they still get in!  

After that I’m having lunch with some friends so that will cheer me up.  Next I have a doctor’s appointment.  I have a really sore shoulder and moving it has become quite restricted.  Getting dressed is the worst thing.  Will probably end up just being referred for physio but will see what else she suggest.  It actually isn’t too painful, unless I try to move it too much!   

And then this evening we are going out to eat – I have some vouchers to use at Prezzo that expire on 31st so tonight was the only night we could really use them and it will be easier than trying to cook in the kitchen at the moment.   

Hmm lunch and dinner out I think on balance it’s definitely Wendysday!


  1. Has anyone looked at the security company to see if they let anyone go recently?

  2. More likely to be an organised gang provided with inside info unfortunately.

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  4. Hopefully you are now finishing you dinner and wine and relaxed.

    Schools never used to be broken into before computers. Now it is a problem in your world and mine. Sometimes they would rummage through the desks (creepy), but mostly they would go straight for the computers. It really is too bad.

  5. I can't believe the school was broken into, that's awful, I hope the CCTV will help the police catch the thieves. Your shoulder sounds like a frozen shoulder, that's pretty painful, hope the Dr can sort something out for you.
    Sorry I just deleted my previous comment because I realised I posted it in the wrong place.......sorry bout that.

  6. Hope the Doctor was able to helpwith your shoulder.


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