Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Oversleeping! 11th September 2012

I got very engrossed in the tennis last night – US Open final – Djokovic V Murray.  I hadn’t intended to but Nick had gone to the theatre so I was watching some catch up TV and then I realised the tennis was on so I switched to that and got hooked.  When Nick got home he joined me and we kept watching and watching…… It was 1.00 am our time and it was 2 sets all so we decided enough was enough as we both had work today so I set the TV to record.   

Well this morning I woke up and was thinking it was about 6.30 so I was debating if it was too early to turn on my phone to check who had won.  (There are often message on my phone so it beeps etc when I first turn it on and I didn’t want to disturb Nick.)  Anyway I couldn’t bear the suspense so I turned it on to discover Murray had won!  That was such a relief – he has come so close on occasions but never won a grand slam event before but I did hope this was going to be his year, especially as he won the Olympic title this summer.   

So that was good.  The time on the clock was not!  8.33 am  OMG I’m not sure how we managed to sleep through the alarms but obviously we did thanks to the late night.  So now I am off to bed as I can’t be late to work two days running!  Night night.

PS the schedules were all messed up because the match was so long and when I watched the recording it stopped - just after Murray clinched Match Point!  Whew.


  1. Congrats to Murray! Get a good night's sleep tonight.

  2. Just popped over to say Hi and wish you a great weekend.

  3. Hi Wendy.............just came by to say Hi, hope all is OK?? Hope the weekend was good :-))


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