Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wendysday 5th September 2012

Well I was nicely settled in front of the TV with my laptop in place ready to start blogging and a glass of the red stuff within reach.  So definitely sounding like a Wendysday apart from a few aggravations at work – don’t you just love it when you end up clearing up after someone else’s mistake!

But……suddenly the TV just died, as did the cable box.  So did my son’s TV and when I investigated further none of the electric sockets were working.  Fortunately the lights were still working and after investigation I discovered that only some of the sockets seem to be causing a problem.  (Those in the kitchen and the living room.)  Unfortunately I don’t know what the problem is exactly, just know that if I try to reset that fuse, the circuit breaker kicks in and takes all the sockets out.  So I’ve just had to leave them off for now – have managed to use an extension lead and plug the fridge into a socket in the cellar but have no cooker and can’t use the kettle or toaster so making breakfast in the morning will be a challenge. 

I have managed to arrange for an electrician to come in the morning so hopefully he will be able to track down and solve the problem.  What I need to check before I go to bed is whether the cats can get back in through the cat flap – it operates electronically but I’m not sure what happens when there is no power.  I know they can get out, just not sure if they can get in.

Fun and games but on balance, NOT a Wendysday! 


  1. How odd! Hope you have it sorted now.

  2. That sounds awful Wendy, I know I don't appreciate things like the electrics until something goes wrong and then realise exactly how important it it. I hope its nothing too serious and the electrician sorts it out quickly.

  3. Hi Wendy, I hope it all worked out OK. BTW my blogspot is now up and running. Please do pop over when you've got a spare moment. Cheers! Lee


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