Friday, 3 July 2015

Freeing the frog

I am not a particularly squeamish person.  I can deal with blood and gore.  I can cope with vomit and other stuff that escapes from various personal extremities.  I'm even good with spiders.

I am not good with frogs.  I don't know why but I can't bear to touch them.  Even with gloves on.

But sometimes needs must.  

Our house has steps at the front leading down to a door into the cellar.  We don't use that entrance so consequently the steps are quite a neglected area.  There is also a drain by the entrance and it is a place where leaves, rubbish etc blown in from the front accumulate.  It is a perfect hiding place for a frog!

Yesterday I decided to clear up the front garden including the steps.  As I began sweeping the leaves together something moved!  I steeled myself to check.  Oh yes, a frog.  I deliberated.  Should I leave it till hubby came home?  Not much point he wouldn't be any real help.  Oh to still have my daughter living at home.  She would have just picked it up, bare handed.  Yuck.  But useful.

No if the frog was going to be removed it was down to me.

I made a plan.  Adapt the removing of spiders technique (glass over piece of card) - to flower pot and bucket lid.  I have umpteen flower pots and a bucket lid.  I prepared.  I perched on the bottom step - didn't want it jumping on my feet clad only in flip flops.  Flower pot in hand.  I crouched, I pounced, I trapped the frog under the flower pot.

Great, now where's the bucket lid?  Oops it's at the top of the stairs - just out of reach.  But I can't let go of the pot because the frog will jump and escape.  I can't put my foot on the pot because I could risk crushing the pot and also the frog.  No, can't deal with a dead (or worse, only half-dead) frog.  Let's start again with the lid close to hand.

This means letting go of the pot.  The frog jumps and escapes. Onto the first step.  Maybe I can just shoo it up the steps.  No good.  I need to get it across the road to the open grassland where there is also a pond.  I can't risk it getting run over and I think I would look pretty stupid trying to chase a frog across the road.

Even more stupid than I already do, hot and bothered and shrieking every time the frog jumps.

I catch the frog once more under the flower pot and this time I manage to get the lid underneath so that I can transport it safely.  Well while trying to hold the top of the flower pot in such a way that I don't come into contact with the frogs face as it jumps and pokes through the drainage holes!

I manage to get it across the road without dropping the whole assembly.  I did get a few strange looks from drivers passing by but hey I'm doing my good deed of the day.


  1. I'll deal with your frogs if you deal with my spiders. Deal?

  2. Sure you will think this crazy.... but it works for me. I have a little pond and the froggies love it, they breed there. Which is great, whats not so great is the way they hide in the garden and jump out at me while I'm doing stuff like weeding, trimming the edges, repotting stuff etc. They jump out right in front of me, frighten me half to death, and then sit between me and what ever I was doing looking at me. I've learnt to grab hold of a contained, anything will do, old seed tray, empty flower pot, hold it in front of the frog and gently nudge him with any thing at hand ( bit of pruned bush, end of the fishing net, any thing will do), to encourage him to get in. I always ask nicely, something like 'please Mr froggie get in the box and I'll take you back to the pond'. He awlays obliges and then I ask him to stay put and not jump out while I move him , and believe it or not he always does. I take him in the box to the pond and as soon as he sees the water he jumps in. Ok I know it sounds stupid, and if people happen to see and hear me talking to the frogs they think I've totally lost the plot, but what can I say??..... it actually works for me. :-)


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