Wednesday 22 July 2015

The Good Samaritan 22/7/15

I had a really restful day yesterday.  I was wishing that it wasn’t the day when my cleaner comes as I just wanted to laze about doing nothing after the hectic days before when I received a text message asking if she could switch her day to Thursday due to car problems.It was an answer to a prayer.

Today I decided I needed to walk as I haven’t been doing any walking so I set off to collect some medication for the cat from the Vets.  It’s about a 3.5 mile return trip.  I was about half way there, and fortunately on a street, not in the wooded area, when I tripped and went flying.  I literally dived along the pavement ending up flat on my front.  I stayed put for a few moments to get my breath back and then I heard someone asking if I was ok.  A very kind lady helped me up and took me into her house to clean up.  Fortunately it was just a few scrapes and no doubt a few bruises but nothing serious.  But she found plasters and wipes and sorted me out.  It’s the sort of thing I’d do but some people would be wary of taking a stranger into their house.

Anyway I continued on my way, picked up the medication and did another couple of errands.  I then got the bus part of the way back.  It’s an awkward place to get to by public transport but I’m trying to walk or use public transport rather than the car when I can.  You can get a bus fairly close to the shops but then have a bit of walk at this end or walk from the shops for a bit to get a bus that stops closer to my house.

I’ve just had some lunch and now I’m going to sit for a while and catch up on the Hodgepodge posts – my knee is a bit sore.  Well that’s my excuse!

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  1. Every day is an adventure, no?
    Hooray for good Samaritans!


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