Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday waffle. 24/7/15

Well the fall on Wednesday certainly left a few bruises.  I have a nice one on my hip bone where my phone was in my pocket.  I guess I was lucky that my phone didn't break but it was in a case.  My arm and shoulder have also been a bit tender and I took quite a chunk of skin off my right hand which is more awkward than painful and I've had to keep it covered to keep it clean until it heals. So I've had a quiet couple of days.

I did get out for a walk yesterday but today the weather is miserable.  It's been raining all morning and we've had weather warnings for torrential rain and high winds.  It will at least save me the job of watering the garden but it won't help with drying the washing.

My cat has found herself a new sleeping place.  She will not sleep in any of the beds that we have for her, preferring to find her own place.  For a long time she slept at the bottom of my bed but after a few times of being kicked off during the night she accepted a spot on the blanket box that's at the end of the bed.  That seemed fine for a while but now she has moved to a spot right outside the bathroom.  I think there might be water pipes under the floor there so it's probably warm.  At least she's not so likely to get trodden on there - she also slept on the stairs for a few nights!

I think she's been more active lately, spending more time in the garden during the day and even staying out there quite late in the evenings.  Or maybe she's always done that but I wasn't here to notice.  She doesn't seem to like using the cat flap if she can avoid it though and with the warm weather we've had that's been fine because we have french doors from the dining end of the kitchen that have been open a lot.  However once the doors are closed and locked for the night she has started to sit by them, crying to be let in.  I've let her in a couple of times but now I've developed the willpower to draw the curtains and ignore her.  She then has to use the cat flap which of course eventually she does.

Now if only I could apply that willpower to other things, like overeating!


  1. So sorry to hear of your fall. I must have missed the blog in which you talk about it. I'm sure your cat will adjust to the cat flap in no time. Feel better soon.

  2. cats are funny things, aren't they? We have three living with us right now - it is quite the exercise in will power to not give in to their every whim.
    They are just so darn cute.


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