Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My poor neglected blog!

Yes, almost two weeks without a post, my poor neglected blog.  I haven't even had time to read many blogs either.  My A -Z roadtrip has also stalled.

There was a good reason though.  I spent all of last week with a family member who had just come out of hospital following major surgery.  My mother-in-law was also staying with her.  There were also her two children of 11 and 9 in the mix as well.  I won't lie, it was exhausting.  But the improvement seen over the week was amazing and this week another family member is taking a turn in being there.

As to what happens at the end of this week - will wait and see.  They say things happen for a reason.  If I hadn't had all the upset etc with my job I wouldn't have been in a position to just drop everything and go and help.  Lots of people were either away on holiday or have their own families/jobs to consider and although she probably could have got someone each night it was better for the children to have a bit of continuity.

But there wasn't much time for relaxation let alone blogging!  Plus I only had my I-pad with me and it's a bit of a chore compiling blogs on that.

I got home Saturday evening and on Sunday we had my son and his wife here for dinner - they are travelling to the States today to catch up with her friends and family.  It will be their anniversary next Sunday.  That first year has gone so quickly.

I also managed a trip to the cemetery on Sunday as it was my Dad's anniversary - 34 years.  We have an entry in the book of remembrance and I like to get there on the day if I can.  We also have my Mum recorded on the same day even though her anniversary is in May.  That may seem strange but she passed away on my daughter's birthday so rather than detract from that with something sad (especially as Mum passed away at almost exactly the same time of day that my daughter was born) we chose to remember both my parents on the same day as far as the remembrance book was concerned.  Of course we remember them all the time but it's nice to have a particular focus day.

Yesterday I had a pre-arranged commitment to cook dinner for a group of students who are helping out with a summer camp for primary school children.  This is the brainchild of one of my former bosses who is an Ursuline Sister.  The local order has a big house and meeting centre nearby and they organise lots of events including exchange visits etc.  They linked with Ursulines in New Orleans following Katrina and organised a group from here (including my youngest) to go and volunteer with the rebuilding works.

Sr Kathleen is great at getting people to sign up for things before you've even realised what you've taken on so hubby and I found ourselves cooking for 14 last night at the convent.  Needless to say it was a simple menu and I'd done a lot of the prep before we went.  But it seemed to go well, most of the students went back for seconds!  We even coped with one student who has to have a gluten free diet.

I was going to write that hopefully things will settle back to normal now but that might tempt fate - oops I just did anyway!


  1. oh my, I need a rest just from reading your update.
    Take time for yourself too, ok?

  2. oh my, I need a rest just from reading your update.
    Take time for yourself too, ok?

  3. My goodness, can't believe it is a year already. Happy anniversary to Michael and Liz.


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