Thursday, 24 September 2015

I think I'm wired wrong!

We're away this week in South Wales.  The scenery is beautiful but the weather has been a bit hit and miss.  We've done a fair bit of walking though to make up for eating out and just eating!

Tomorrow we'll be travelling home and then visiting our daughter for dinner so I might not have time to do a news blog.  We haven't been immune to the news this week as we have a TV and we get a newspaper each day.  I like the Times as it's fairly accurate with its reporting and it has a great puzzle section.

Having had two close relatives (my Mum and her sister) succumb and pass away to Alzheimer's I can be forgiven for being a bit paranoid about going the same way. I do a lot of crosswords and puzzles.  I particularly like the killer sudoku in the Times.  There are usually two, one harder than the other and they give a time for completing them.  This week has been frustrating as twice I have messed up on the harder ones.  However yesterday I managed to do both but the easy one was supposed to take 12 minutes and it took me ages.  The harder one was quoted at 54 minutes.  I nearly didn't start it but I love a challenge and I completed that one in much less time.  

Now, should I just bask in the satisfaction of completing them or worry that my brain seems to work differently from the norm?  That's a rhetorical question, no sassy answers required.


  1. When in doubt, always go for feeling satisfied. :)

  2. I think sometimes they switch the the easy for the tricky sudoku just to mess with our heads.

  3. What does it mean if you just don't get Sudoku? I think you are just fine.


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