Sunday, 20 September 2015

Searching for the elusive 20/9/15

Well at this rate I'll be wearing my LBD for the wedding.  I thought I'd seen some good possibilities for an outfit yesterday so today I took hubby with me to give his opinion.  I wasn't successul.  I did find a dress and jacket that looked good and would fit in with my daughter's colour scheme.  The thing holding me back on it is that the dress in particular was very similar to the dress I had for my son's wedding last year.  If I don't find anything else soon I might have to opt for that but I'd rather not if I can find an alternative but we only have 5 more weeks to go!

One possibility is another dress I saw yesterday that was rather expensive for how it looked but I have the feeling it's one of those dresses that when you put it on it will either be awful or fantastic.

The hunt continues.


  1. I have three thoughts here:
    1... try the expensive dress on. At least then you'll know if it's in the running.
    2... if the style you wore to your son's wedding suits you, does it matter if you wear similar? Different fabric and colour? Style it up differently ... have an updo even?
    3...take and post pics and we'll help!

  2. hi my dear
    I'm Ahmad from Luxor - Egypt
    how are U ??


  3. I agree with WM's advice, especially #1. I was recently just a plain old guest at a friend's daughter's wedding, and already had something suitable to wear. Every day for weeks I'd pass a beautiful dress in a downtown window. "That would be perfect for the wedding," I thought each time I walked by (Unless I developed a sudden lifestyle change, I knew the dress would be good for nothing else since it's too fancy for work and at all other times I can be found in hiking clothes). Since I was walking by around 7:00 a.m. on my morning latte run, it was always a moot point. Then the day before the wedding, I happened to walk by one more time when the store was open. I went in, hoping to find that the dress didn't fit and/or looked awful. Instead, it was as if Cinderella's glass slipper had found Cinderella's foot. Either way with the one you're hankering after, it will be good to know. Good luck!

  4. My offer to come with you still stands.

  5. Forgot to say that I have a dress but no jacket!


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