Monday, 14 September 2015

When it's good to be a housewife 14/9/15

Since leaving my job last April I haven't yet settled into a new role.  I don't want to go back to work full time but not being of pensionable age yet I can hardly call myself retired.  I've been enjoying the break and getting on with things at home and helping out my sister-in-law as she goes through cancer treatment.  And blogging of course.

I've never been happy with the term housewife.  There is so much more to women who stay at home to raise their families, or just to run the home.  It takes a long list of skills, although removing snakes from pool traps would not be on my CV (see last week's Hodgepodge).    

Today however I have agreed to be classed as a housewife.  It saved me money.  I was dealing with some paperwork this morning including the renewal details for our car insurance.  I was just going to file it when I thought I ought to check the details as instructed and realised my occupation quoted was no longer correct.  A quick phone call to the insurers had that corrected but I had to list myself as housewife because that was cheaper than saying I'm unemployed!


  1. How about Domestic Goddess? I have always liked that one - and even those of us who are still working outside the home full-time (or part-time) still have that role to fulfill at home. :)

  2. Hi, I totally agree, I never liked the term as well.

  3. Domestic Engineer. But hey, if "housewife" saves money, I'm all for it. Also, you'll save money on fuel expenses and wear and tear on a vehicle.

    I loved being a housewife. Not so crazy about being a house widow.

  4. Or you could use the phrase "homemaker". I think that is what women do ( and men as well).

  5. It is an odd term, isn't it? Some good alternatives suggested here! I love the visual at the top of the post--so funny!

  6. I don't care what you call me, I have always loved my roll as a stay at home. Hopefully you will find your niche soon. x


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