Monday, 28 September 2015

Friday Five News 25/9/15

Well this is really late but having searched out the clips and links I thought it was still worth posting.  We had a lovely few days away (more of that in a separate blog) but I only had my Ipad with me not my laptop so posting is a bit of a chore.  

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed.

The International news I picked up on was the VW recalls in respect of diesel emissions.  I'm just surprised it has taken them so long to be found out but at least the CEO has had the sense to resign.  It's going to have a long term detrimental effect on the group of companies, one of which is Skoda.  I wonder when we will hear about a recall?  We bought our car second hand and it happened to be a diesel.  I think our next car might be petrol although hubby keeps asking if we really need a car?  I'm still insisting we do!

In Local news I went for a Welsh story as we were in Wales at the time.  It was reported that spot checks on drivers using mobile phones were to be carried out.  I'm totally against people using mobile phones in cars but because it must be so down the list of priorities for prosecutions it's so easy to get away with.  It was good to see a concerted effort taking place but surely it might be more effective if it wasn't pre-announced? 

The Entertainment item that caught my eye was about the copyright status of the happy birthday song.  It seems there has been a discrepancy over the years as to just who had the rights to what, particularly in the USA.  It could lead to Warner/Chappel having to refund lots of royalties for use of the song during films, TV shows etc.  Sounds a real mess and no doubt a litigation battle that will run and run.

In Sport:  I noticed that at last we have some tennis news to celebrate as Great Britain made it through to the final of the Davis Cup for the first time since 1978.

The Miscellaneous item I picked out was that tests currently carried out on fancy dress costumes are being reviewed with regard to their flammability.  This follows a well publicised incident last year when a celebrity's daughter was badly burned after her costume was ignited by a candle.  It seems there may have been a loophole where costumes are regarded as toys rather than clothing.  I'm all in favour of any measures which make any items of clothing safe.  I was lucky as a child that my dressing gown met safety standards.  A small corner of it melted when I brushed against the fire and I wasn't hurt.  If the material had been more flammable it would have been a very different story.

Well these were my Friday Five.  Of course the news continues to be dominated by the migrant crisis and now in the UK we are in the season of political party conferences.  Oh and there's just the small matter of the rugby world cup taking place here.  Watch this space!

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