Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge 2/9/15

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1. What's on your September calendar? Anything fun? 

Hopefully a holiday but I have a theatre trip booked, and hopefully a couple of meals out. 

2. You might be described as a natural born peacekeeper?

3. September is National Courtesy Month...what one act of courtesy would you most like to see more of in your home, town, or the world at large? 

Disposing of litter – we live opposite an open space that is used by many, the majority of whom are considerate and take their rubbish away with them.  Unfortunately there is a minority that don’t!

4. Eager beaver, chicken out, clam up, or let the cat out of the bag...of the phrases listed, which one have you related to most recently? 

Well I’ve been an eager beaver and gone shopping today for some material to make bunting for my jumble trail stall at the weekend.  That might be a bit optimistic given the time frame so I could be chickening out on that.  I also bought some Christmas themed material to make some for then too.  (Ssshhh – don’t tell my cousin – I don’t want her to think I’m planning ahead this early in the year! She’s really into Christmas and always reminding me of how many days to go (not enough!) and I can be a bit of a Grinch.)  I’m fairly good at keeping secrets so hopefully won’t be letting any cats out of bags.

5. What's your movie theatre snack protocol? Do you chow down on snacks during the previews or wait until the movie begins? Do you buy snacks or refuse to pay those kind of prices? What's the last movie you saw in a theatre? How many thumbs up would you give it?

It’s been so long since we went to the movies I can’t remember what we saw – how sad is that?!  I’m not big on the snacks though, especially as they usually are expensive.

6. Henry Ford is quoted as saying, "Nobody can think straight who does not work. Idleness warps the mind." Agree or disagree? Why?    
I’d disagree about it having to be work.  I’m not working now but I keep myself busy and hopefully my mind isn’t getting warped.  If I start posting gibberish please let me know!

7. What's the last job you completed or task you performed where you had to 'work like a dog' until it was finished? 
Last Sunday – I cleared the front garden of weeds.  It was hard work but I wanted it done before it rained again.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

It was so nice yesterday (Tuesday) not to be heading back to school at the start of a new year.  I hope those who had to (or have been back a while) had a good first day back.


  1. I really detest litter! How hard can it be to dispose of things properly?

  2. Hi,
    You are right about work. I am a stay at home mom, but I am busy, busy and always learning. I do not bring home a pay check, but I sure am busy. ;-)
    I like how you answered number 4. :-)

  3. I defined work broadly, not just a paying job. I agree with you about people dumping their rubbish. Is it really so hard to put it in a bin someplace? Enjoy your day!

  4. So, did you retire? If so, I'm so jealous! I'll be at it for another 12-13 years! (Good thing I love what I do!)


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