Monday, 26 September 2016

A load of waffle and total chaos 26/9/16

It's been a busy time here.  We've had two rooms plastered but the plaster is still drying out so we can't move forward with painting just yet.  This means the house is still upside down with the stuff emptied out of the two rooms being plastered.  I've decided that the room that will be a spare bedroom is the priority so I will probably move as much as I can into the other room so that at least the rest of the house can get back to normal.

I'm not sure what normal is anymore though.  Hubby is supposed to be at home Mondays and Tuesdays but it doesn't always work out like that.  He was at work last Tuesday for example but this week looks like it will run to schedule.  

But of course DIY never runs smoothly.  My son and his wife were down for the weekend so we needed to put the mattress on the floor of the room that has just been plastered for them to sleep on.  The mattress (and the rest of the dismantled bed) were in our box room.  Long story short, we managed to break the window moving the mattress as the uprights toppled sideways!  This was at about 7.30 pm Friday evening.  Thankfully the damage is covered by our building insurance and they organised someone to come and make the window safe and they will also organise for it to be properly repaired.

But things could be worse.  Today and tomorrow will be spent at funerals.

Today we went to the funeral of an old friend who we hadn't seem much of over the last few years as he and his family had moved out of London to Kings Lynn in Norfolk.  In his late 50s, he was a keen cyclist and was fit and healthy.  He was out on a cycle ride with friends when he just collapsed and died from a heart attack.  A prime example of the fact you never know what life holds in store.  Although it was shocking, Ray had led an active busy life.  He had lots of interests and many friends.  There were lots of people at the funeral celebrating a life well lived.

Unfortunately tomorrow will probably be harder.  This funeral is for the nephew of hubby's brother.  Sadly he was born very disabled and cognitively impaired.  His parents have been brilliant at caring for him at home but he died suddenly of natural causes last week.  He was only 30.  Parents are not supposed to outlive their children so this will be a very sad day.

Both these deaths have reminded me how short life can be.  One of the Hodgepodge questions last week was about being a people pleaser.  I'm definitely one of those but I think I'm going to try and please myself more, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.  

We had a lovely outing on Saturday for my sister-in-law's 60th birthday.  All the siblings and their partners met up for a walk (most of them meeting at our house) and then we ended the day with a meal out at a local pop up restaurant near us.  Prior to the event though I had quite a chat with one of the younger sisters who had agreed to arrange a collection from the rest of us and organise presents for the birthday girl.  She was getting quite stressed because although she had ideas for what to do (including a trip away) she hadn't been able to finalise everything and was worried the rest of us would be cross.

I managed to reassure her that would not be the case if they were all like me and just glad not to have the responsibility.  We also agreed that we won't do presents in future once people get past 60.  If we make it to 70 or even 80, we'll make do with a get together of some sort.  We still have quite a few 60ths to come though so the gift dilemma won't be finished with just yet. 

Another instance of pleasing ourselves.  No one should be stressing out over buying presents on behalf of other people, although it does make sense to club together to get something worthwhile.

With all these things going on I haven't felt very motivated to blog.  It's a bit disconcerting having a disorganised house and not being able to restore some order.  Hopefully on Wednesday I'll be able to make a start on moving things out of my bedroom and lounge.  Fortunately my son and his wife did take almost all the wedding things that were still here home with them yesterday.  We still have a dried flower arrangement as it wouldn't fit in the car but I can live with that a bit longer!


  1. Thanks for catching us up on your life, Wendy. I'm so sorry for your recent losses. It is doubly hard when those we lose are too young to have died. I am also sorry your home is still torn up. All in good time, I guess. Hang in there.

  2. Oh Dear ! what a life ! a messy house and funerals ! Not to be jealous ! But the house will be done and you will be happy with the result ! I know what that is, we had twice a real big renovation, tiles and parquet (instead of carpet) that was a nightmare and then repainting the whole house ! It's a good idea not to make gifts anymore. Usually people have everything and all what remains to offer are useless things, although I am happy when I get a scarf or something like that. My son and DIL only want money for birthday and Christmas, and I don't like that, because then they give money too, I told him then it's better to offer nothing that remains the same then. Where are all the nice little parcels under the Christmas tree ?? Sad ! Only the little one gets gifts but I have to ask my son first ! The weather is still nice here and until it's like summer I have decided to do nothing but amuse myself with my friends. You are right you should first think of you and then of others, of course not in an egoistic way.

  3. I am so sorry for your losses, Wendy...I am far behind in playing catch up on the blogs...and for that I do apologize.

    Have a beautiful rest of this Tuesday, friend.

  4. I hate having my house in turmoil too! Maybe that is why I just can't talk myself into getting Darian's bedroom painted. Sad to think about both of those deaths. Hardly pays to exercise. But then it might have been a congenital problem. And the young man. Very very hard on parents!! Hope the rest of the week is better!


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