Saturday, 3 September 2016

SoCS 3/9/16

It's been a while since I participated in this challenge, August has been a busy month.

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The prompt for today is "accumulate"

Well I seem to accumulate wedding dresses.  I currently have 3 in my house, none of which are mine.  My own wedding dress was made into a christening gown for my children so I suppose it is technically still in the house but it takes up a lot less space!

Of course you're now wondering how I came to accumulate such a specific item.  Well my daughter got married last October, to the love of her live, Victoria.  Yes two brides.  Two dresses.  Which came back to my house after the event.  They have remained here since then because they "haven't got room" in their rented flat.  Hmm not sure about that.  Hopefully they will soon be moving into their own flat when, if they haven't already removed the dresses, I will be delivering them.  Along with lots of other things that seem to have accumulated here.  Or rather things that never left with my daughter when she moved out!  

I also now have my newest daughter-in-law's wedding dress.  My son was married on the 13th August and they went off on honeymoon two days later and from there straight home to Nottingham.  They're coming down next weekend and that dress, and the wedding post box, presents and other paraphanalia that have accumulated in the spare bedroom should disappear.  But I'm not holding my breath as my DIL has a tiny car.  We might be making a trip to Nottingham in the near future.

In the meantime I have gently suggested that my daughter might want to get the other dresses cleaned and boxed for storage as I'm due to have a plasterer in to fix the bedroom ceiling.  Or maybe I'll just organise it and send her the bill!


  1. I just love looking at wedding dresses and have no idea on where mine has gone too...sigh...have a beautiful weekend, Wendy. smiles

  2. Gosh Wendy you have accumulated so much from so many....I hope you get your spare room back soon...

  3. You are more patient then me! Have a good weekend!

  4. Well, this is a new one for me. Wedding dresses -- huh!

  5. That's how it goes sometimes, isn't it? Kids get married, don't have room for their stuff, and we get to find a place to keep it. I still have some of their things, but the first wedding dress she didn't want to keep, so I gave it to the donation shop.

  6. It seems that we remain the storage room for our children. I only have one son, but he takes a lot of space. I have his mountain bike here (because Holland is flat like a pancake) so he brought it here, and still old stuff from when he cleared his house in London. He pretends he has no room in the house in Amsterdam ! It's beautiful today and we are off to the lake (about 70 km) That will be probably the last time this year !


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