Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Works in progress! 20/9/16

It seemed a good idea initially to get all the plastering that needs doing (ceilings of two rooms plus walls in one) but now I'm not so sure.  These are the rooms being done.

This one will be done as a guest room.

This one, which is a bit smaller will be my work room.  Not sure how much work I will get done in there but there is a bureau there for paperwork/computing and my sewing machine will go in there when it's finished.


However, as you can see both rooms are empty apart from the larger items of furniture.  And even those (wardrobes and chests of drawers) have been emptied.  Plastering is a messy job and the dust will get everywhere but I wanted to avoid it getting on things like my clothes, bedding etc.

I'm sure you can begin to imagine what the rest of my house looks like.  The stuff had to go somewhere!  The bed from the bigger room has been dismantled and is in the box room we use for storage - hopefully we won't want anything from the shelving in there just now as the mattress is in front of the shelves and you can't even get in the room!

Other items are either in my bedroom or in our lounge.  The whole house looks like a tip at the moment.   It will be another couple of days before the plaster is finished and then I can start on trying to restore some sort of order.  My son and his wife are due at the weekend but they will have to make do with just the mattress on the floor!  I will also have some of hubby's siblings and partners here at the weekend as we are going on a walk and then out for a meal locally for his sister's 60th birthday on Saturday.  Thankfully the kitchen/diner is unaffected by all of this.

My to do list has also grown somewhat.  As we emptied out the rooms I was making mental notes of things that needed to be sold/donated/trashed or just rehomed.  Some of it needs to be rehomed with our kids but that won't be happening in the immediate future.  One couple are currently living with us and the other two are both in rented properties without too much space.  

But despite all the chaos and mess I do actually feel more in control.  Getting this work done is the first step really on a long term project of getting the house how I want it post children.  There is a plan, although it's not going to be done quickly.  But that's ok.  One day, one job at a time. Well maybe not every day (there has to be blogging time) but I'm sure you get the idea.


  1. Plastering is a huge job but will make such a difference once it's done. Sounds like you've got it all under control.

  2. You have a huge project started, but I know how good it feels to be doing renovations and seeing the results! I'll look forward to your "after" photos!! I'm jealous of your dedicated work room.

  3. Don't worry! It's big now and certainly taxing but it's going to fantastic once it's done. :)

  4. Poor girl I only know too well how this is ! I will never forget when we had the parquet placed and we had to empty all rooms and sleep each night in another room ! A nightmare. When we repainted 4 years ago, it was more easy, but still a lot of work and a big mess. Now I hope it's finished for a looooooong while !

  5. One day at a time. You will get there. Love the rooms - they are going to look awesome!

  6. Impressive. I have been avoiding much-needed maintenance/spring-cleaning/remodeling for ages since it seems so overwhelming. Perhaps you will inspire me to get going.

    Lorrie at www.shrinkrapped.com


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