Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 3/6/20

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1. What's something you could do today to feel more peaceful?
I'm going to start a new jigsaw which will take my mind off things.  The news is just so depressing right now.

2. June 2nd is National Rotisserie Chicken day. Who knew? Are you a fan of rotisserie chicken? You've purchased one at your local market for tonite's dinner. Will you serve as is or make something else using the chicken?
Well I didn't know and even if I did we probably wouldn't have it.  Fish is on the menu today.

3. I read a list recently (go here to read more) of 20 of the most beautiful places in America. How many of these have you seen up close and in person? Of the sites on this list that you haven't seen, which would you most like to see?

Antelope Canyon Arizona, Kenai Fjords Alaska, White Mountains New Hampshire, Crater Lake Oregon, The Palouse Washington and Idaho, Grand Prismatic Spring Wyoming, Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Oregon, Horsehoe Bend Arizona, Na Pali Coast Kauai Hawaii, Antelope Valley California, Lake Tahoe California, The Berkshires Massachussets, Maroon Bells Colorado, Angel Oak South Carolina, Acadia National Park Maine, Grand Teton National Park Wyoming, Turnip Rock Michigan, Central Park New York City, Niagara Falls New York, and Skagit Valley Tulip Fields Washington

I have only seen Central Park.  I'm sure many of those places would be worth a visit.  Maybe we'd make Niagara Falls if we ever get to do another trip across the pond.  That's not going to be any time soon though.

4. What's one pretty spot you'd add to the list in question #3? Are there travel plans of any kind on your calendar right now? Does that make you happy, anxious, excited, sad, or relieved?
Oh there are too many to choose from but right now I'd like a quiet beach (or lakeside) that's unspoilt.  There are no travel plans in our diary for the forseeable future which is sad because that includes no visits to Grandson Noah.

5. Tell us one un-COVID related thing you're looking forward to in the month of June.
My birthday!  Although of course it will have to take COVID into account :(

6. Insert your own random thought here.
We managed a socially distanced visit to Grandson Rory on Monday - restrictions are easing slowly here.  Great timing as it was his birthday.  No great photos though as we had the sun behind us in the garden and they were inside the flat so the lighting was all wrong.  My DIL took these though:

Hopefully he'll be as gentle with his baby sibling when the time comes. 
(And not dangling it by the feet as he was doing later!)

Rory was really excited and pleased to see us and mostly he was happy with us being outside and him not. 


  1. How woonderful that you got to see your grandson, even in this way. I am missing my granddaughters. Hope you can make some great plans for your birthday.

  2. He is a real cutie ! And has changed so much ! We have also been at most of the places in the US even at the Niagara Fall on the Canadian side, but that was over years when my American aunt was still alive ! Today it's the last country I want to visit ! I am happy that I have seen a friendly and normal USA !

  3. Oh those pictures through the glass! How bittersweet! I'd take it right now though. Hoping things ease up and we can see our grands in person soon. Happy birthday! It will be a memorable one that's for sure!

  4. Those pictures are great! I love the one with you two in the window on the outside.. great idea!

  5. How nice that you could see your little grand on his birthday even if it was from a distance. Jigsaw puzzles have been a great distraction during these trying times! Happy birthday month to you!

  6. Happy birthday month! Oh, how awful not to get to see your grandson at all. I haven't seen our two older grands, but my husband has (he is working not too far from their home right now and has stopped by a couple of times). Our two youngest grands live right next door to us so we've seen plenty of them.

  7. I like the photo, the memories we will tell those little ones when they look back at those photos. Goodness, will the believe it.
    Happy Birthday month my friend.


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