Friday, 5 June 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 5/6/20

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story.

The idea is to step back and think about the good things from the previous week and list your favourite five.  Then pop over to Susanne's blog and join up with the other people taking part.

I've had a rather lazy, unproductive week.  We're still in limbo with our house move so that is not helping with my motivation but there were still some good things going on:

1)  A nice delivery from my online book group organiser (I won a competition)

2)  A visit to Grandson Rory and his Mummy & Daddy on his birthday.  We stayed outside their flat in the communal garden but they had the window wide open and we could see in and chat to them all.  We'd decided that was better than trying to socially distance in the garden with Rory.  He wouldn't have understood.  He was very pleased to see us but was ok with being separated by the window. 

3)  Lots of reading time. 

4)  2 of my DILs had scans this week and the babies are all fine.  We now know the sex of 2 of them, the others want a surprise but no reveals here.  You'll just have to wait until they arrive!

5)  Our Government has slightly relaxed lock down rules - we can now meet in groups of up to 6 people outside and socially distanced.  More shops are also due to open in a couple of weeks but only if social distancing can be maintained.

Of course that's a good thing but the situation is still tricky.  Schools have also been allowed to reopen for certain year groups but many have chosen to stay closed as they're not sure it's safe to open yet.  Our death rate is reducing but very slowly, as are the numbers of infections.  It's very hard as there have been lots of examples of larger groups flouting the rules.  There have been a number of BBQs held on the common by our house which is also a fire risk given the lovely warm weather we've had.  Thankfully there has been a change in the weather the last couple of days bringing rain and lower temperatures.  Hopefully that will reduce the number of larger gatherings.  I'm not sure what effect it will have on the protests planned following the events in the US.  There have already been a number of protests which although more peaceful than in the states it has still meant large groups of people which will not help to stop the virus spreading.

We are still being very cautious and just doing our daily walks.  We've managed to get shopping deliveries each week (or a click and collect) which has meant us being able to avoid going into shops. 

Tomorrow we have another family quiz via Zoom to look forward to.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. I have started reading much more because of thee pandemic and have read a few books that I really enjoyed. I tend to read less in the summer because I’m outside in the garden or walking but not this year. So exciting to be having all those grandchildren. How wonderful it will be when they all get together.

  2. Things are getting back to closer to normal here. Still 50% occupancy in shops and restaurants but that is working well. Joe and I are still doing curbside pick-up but imagine we will visit a restaurant sometime in the next week or so. Our church will begin services again on the 14th. We are looking forward to that. As to the idiocy of the BLM riots... let's not even go there. ALL lives matter. Until we stop with the racist tagging there will always be strife. I am so excited about your three new family members forming!!

  3. Hi Wendy. Things are closer to normal here as well, except that many places now how curfews due to rioting. I think things are calming down some now from that. Our COVID-19 cases here in our state are going up drastically. My opinion is that we reopened too quickly and then of course all the protest and riots did not help the Coronavirus situation at all. Congrats on the coming grandbabies. That is such wonderful news! Have a good weekend!

  4. Here in my county in CA, things are loosening up a little bit. Some restaurants are open for dining; our church will have a reduced congregation service this Sunday; some beaches are opening.
    The consensus on the protests, etc, is that there will be a surge of covid cases.
    I hope all goes well with your house sale.
    Have a good weekend (and it's exciting waiting to hear the news on those two babies!).

  5. Our church isn't opening yet as we have about 1200 people each weekend but many stores are now open and restaurants for outdoor seating, it's wonderful!!! Numbers are going way down and some guidelines for summer school are being put into place as NY governor says we can have special education for grades k-12. I'm a preK special ed teacher do we won't find out until next week if we will be allowed to open. All day. Camps can open with some health guidelines, praise God!!!

    And praise God for the new life happening in your extended family......excitIng

    How fun to see your grandson even if t wasmjustmthrough the window!

    Three out of the 4 of us are heading north to my youngest sister's house for a birthday party for my niece who turns 12 today. All of my sisters and their families will be there as well as my brother in law's side. We can't wait!!! First time have my a party since Xmas!!!!

  6. Things are slowly opening up here and though we've been going out, we're careful about distancing. I'm concerned about what the protests will do here, too. Our numbers of cases and deaths has been declining, but only the next couple of weeks will tell.

    On a brighter note, it's always fun to get a package in the mail! And, I've been getting in lots of reading time, too. A nice break from 'reality.'

  7. We are in phase 3 now which means you are allowed to have 5 guests and outside you can gather with 10 still keeping distance of course. Restaurants will open on Monday ! I don't know how that will work, We are also allowed to travel inside the country but not going abroad and the borders are closed. It's already a bit better. There are always people breaking rules, but more in Brussels city center then here outside.

  8. Our area has been opening up a little. Our COVID cases were pretty stable but now have doubled in the last week. :-( I'm hoping and praying they will recede again.

    How nice to win a competition! Glad you got to visit Rory through the window and that the new babies are doing well.

  9. How fun to receive that prize in the mail! Alberta, and especially my city, has been doing pretty well. We opened to Phase 1 on May 14 and Phase 2 should be opening soon. See lots of people not bothering to social distance though, so we shall see. How fun that you were able to see Rory on his birthday and help make it special.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Your prize looks very nice.
    I am so excited about the babies. :-) I love that photo of you peeking in the window.
    Stay well,

  11. How did the Zoom quiz go?

    I reached here by chance, so to say. I saw your blog mentioned in the blogger stats of my blog and my curiosity was aroused. So just peeped in. Nice personal space, I should say.


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