Tuesday 8 March 2022

The commenting dilemma!

Firstly thanks for all the positive comments yesterday on my theme for the A-Z Challenge starting soon.

I know I've talked about this before but one of the things that seems to be a major downside to the Blogger platform is the way that commenting works.  There seems to be no easy way to keep track of replies and continuity without being bombarded with lots of e-mails.

I have used embedded comments for a while which means I can reply to comments directly on the blog posts.  I'm assuming though, that when I do that the person leaving the comment won't know I've replied unless they've asked to be notified of follow up comments which of course generates e-mails!  I don't ask to be notified when I leave comments so I don't usually know if my comments have been responded to unless I go back and check.  Another downside to blogger.

I do also reply through my e-mails instead of on the blog but that's no good if the person is a "noreply-comment@blogger.com"  (I assume any replies to these just disappear into the ether!)

I understand that some people have problems leaving comments on the embedded version even when logged in as a blogger user but I've found that seems to be connected with browser issues.  For example I found I couldn't leave comments if I was trying to use Firefox but when I switch to Microsoft Edge it works find.

It was suggested to me that using pop-up comments was better but I've tried that and find that there is no easy way of leaving a reply at all if the person isn't using a valid e-mail address.

Are you feeling my frustration yet? lol

Anyway I did switch to pop up but today I've gone back to embedded.  A case of sticking to what I'm familiar with and making the best of it.

If anyone has a good solution for keeping track of comments and replies do please let me know.

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  1. Oh I hear you, there's no way of them knowing that we have replied unless they've asked to be notified, and most times I don't. But for the sake of sanctity and to take the conversation, I always like to leave a response either way. Maybe someday they check. Or others do when they come over to leave a comment and sometimes the conversation does a spin off or gets extended. I tried WP Discus as well and eventually came back to normal embedded! I feel your dilemma, I don't think there's any easy (or difficult!) way around it! Keep blogging!


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