Friday, 4 March 2022

Friday's Fave Five - 4th March 2022

It's Friday so it's time to link up with Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story and look  back on the positives of this week.

1.  Well it's been another quiet week for me as my back slowly improves.  It's still not great but it is improving every day so I just have to be patient, keep moving as much as possible and be thankful that I have a very supportive hubby.

2.  We had this little one as usual on Wednesday.

I couldn't have done it without Nick as lifting him in and out of the cot and highchair would have been impossible for me.  He was so good all day long, playing with our toys and taking a nap for 90 minutes.  No trouble at all.

3.  Online shopping.  We have our groceries delivered each week and that's a big help particularly at the moment but today I've also ordered a replacement blade for my food processor and a set of replacement tools for my vacuum cleaner.  

My daughter borrowed the vacuum when they had both houses to deal with but somewhere along the way the tools went missing.  Of course they must be in their house somewhere but at the moment they are hiding so today I sourced a replacement set online. 

They were less than £10 including postage so not too much to lose if they original ones turn up which of course they're bound to do now I've ordered the replacements! lol

The blade for the food processor wasn't quite as cheap but still cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

4)  Thankfully I'm happy doing things like reading and crochet and being at home as I'm not sure I could walk too far at the moment and the weather has been very wet this week.  I've got through quite a few books and the baby blanket is coming along.

5)  Video chats - I haven't seen any of the other grandchildren for a couple of weeks now so seeing them on video chats is even more important.  I also had a good catchup with my cousins yesterday.

So nothing very exciting going on but always things to be thankful for.  Including all your comments.  Speaking of which I've changed to using pop up commenting rather than embedded.  Hopefully it might make it easier to respond.  We'll see.

Enjoy the weekend.  We're going to be catching up with the grandkids!


  1. What a nice week you've had. the baby is adorable.....that's a nice long nap!! Good for him!

    I'll pray that your back heals up very soon. I can very much relate. If I lift heavy items or children at my preK job, sometimes my slipped discs act up and sciatica sets in. Then it usually takes 2-5 visits with my chiropractor to get "right" again.

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. I like that you can find positive things to do while your back heals. Crocheting (and knitting) and reading are great options. I hope you heal quickly.

    That little one is so adorable! Love the photo.

    Is there a name for that condition where you lose something and replace it, only to find it after the replacement arrives? There should be. It's a true condition! :)

    Happy Weekend!

  3. What a little cutie! I'm sure the missing pieces will show up as soon as the new ones arrive. Isn't that usually the way?

  4. I'm glad your back is getting better and hope it's back to normal soon. I'm glad your husband could be there when you were babysitting.

    I so appreciate online shopping, too. I find things I couldn't in town, and more quickly.

    It's nice to have fun things to do when we can't be active. Ya for video chats with the grandchildren! Hope you have a good time with them this weekend.

  5. I just love seeing a sleeping child, there is just so much peace that fills my heart. I also enjoyed peeking at my sons when they slept.

    Hope you heal well. Happy Weekend, Carla

  6. Have fun with the kiddos this weekend, Wendy! Glad you could get the missing pieces for not too much money. You are right that the old ones will turn up any day now. Always works that way! xo

  7. Glad to hear your back is continuing to get better! It's nice to have a helping hand with your cute little grandbaby while you're recovering. Funny how tools go missing. But you'll have an extra set now if it happens again.


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