Wednesday, 24 June 2015

An improving week

So far my week has improved each day but maybe I shouldn't say that as it's only Wednesday!

On Monday I had a hospital appointment for a colonoscopy.  For anyone who's had that done you will know it involves a bit of preparation - enough said! It was fun on Sunday being able to eat nothing and having MIL and offspring here for Sunday lunch.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure it's not as bad as you anticipate.

We arrived in good time for my appointment only to be told I wasn't on the list!  The receptionist asked me if I'd done all the prep.  I managed to reply sweetly that I had.  (Why would I turn up if I hadn't done the prep?????)  Fortunately they fitted me in but of course there was a lot of waiting around.

The good news was that I was given the all clear before coming home so that was a major relief.  The bad news was that, having opted for conscious sedation for the procedure, I couldn't have any alcohol for 24 hours.  I survived.

Yesterday, bouyed I think from cutting my ties with school last week and having the medical all clear, I decided it was time to tackle my shed.  It's a job that's been on the to do list for a while but it was warm and sunny yesterday so I tackled it head on.  Everything was taken out.  I then swept all the cobwebs, dust etc out.  Good job my daughter-in-law wasn't around - she can't bear spiders.
After the clearout

Next I sorted out what needed to be thrown out - some old garden chair frames that had rusted, an old lawnmower that had died and couldn't be economically fixed and an old BBQ that again had rusted and was falling apart. There were also two bikes of the kids which will need cleaning up and new homes found.

Once I'd done the sorting I was then able to put back only the stuff that needed to be kept.  I was also able to put my daughter's bike that we are storing (temporarily!) into the shed, freeing up space in our hallway.  Hubby has been moaning so long about having 3 bikes in the hallway.  But typical of hubby, he doesn't do anything to solve/alleviate the problem.  (Our house is terraced so there is no side entrance and to get anything out to the garden involves going down a flight of stairs so not practical to keep bikes anywhere but the entrance hallway really.)
Waiting to be sorted

I then arranged a bulky waste collection by the council for the rubbish.  (They are quite good at removing rubbish for you and it's free!)  Once I'd done that I placed the rubbish in the front garden as instructed.  Well, the council man has just knocked and asked about my rubbish which, yes you've guessed it, had disappeared.  I've no idea when or how it went but it's gone!  If someone could make use of my rubbish they are welcome to it.

Today I think I've earned some blogging time :)

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  1. So glad that all went well for you and you have the all clear.

    I bet you got a real sense of achievement doing that shed. I quite enjoy tasks like that once I get started.


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