Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday meander 8/6/15

I love chocolate.  I have a small box of Godiva chocolates on my kitchen table.  I bought them yesterday when we were on a chocolate walking tour in central London.  The tour was a present to me from my son and his partner for Mother's Day.  They had bought 2 places so hubby came too.  We met our guide by The Ritz hotel and we wandered through the streets of Mayfair visiting several very classy chocolate shops.  We learnt about the history of chocolate and also got to taste some samples.  I was in heaven.
Several of the shops were very small but we also visited Fortnum and Mason which supplies the Queen.  It's a very impressive shop with a huge chocolate selection.  Of course it also sells teas, preserves and oh I could go on and on.  The staff uniform is very traditional.  It was actually the first time I had ever visited the store.  We notice this everytime we do something like this - we've lived in London all our lives but there is so much of it we haven't seen.  When we retire.....

Of course some people think I've retired already.  The jury is still out on that at the moment.  I had a better week last week having got back to scheduling things to do and there is still lots to be done at home so I've no plans to look for a job just yet.

As for my June goals well I managed to complete reading all the Hodgepodge posts from last week.  Thanks to all who left me comments.  I hope I've responded appropriately.  I also managed to visit 10 blogs on the A-Z Road Trip list at the weekend.  That was interesting.  One blog hadn't even posted any A-Z posts, one site seemed to be a promotional site for books and another had quit after only a few posts.  Not sure why they included themselves on the Road Trip.

I also managed over 10 miles of walking but I'm yet to get on my bike.  (Although I did pump up the flat tyres.)

Today I have finally got round to touching up the paintwork in our kitchen.  We had a couple of patches where I think the paint was applied before the plaster underneath had totally dried out so the paint had peeled.  Nothing major but just one of those annoying things that need to be fixed.  Well today I fixed it (hopefully it won't peel again!) now I just have to take bets on how long before my hubby notices.  Maybe if I leave the painting paraphanalia around he might get the hint.

I also thinned out my Hellebore seedlings: 

I have a thriving Hellebore in the garden and it had seeded earlier this year so my gardener had me collected the seedlings to grow into new plants.  I think she has an ulterior motive - she is part of a group setting up a community garden nearby.  It is a huge undertaking and they will need all the help they can get, including donations of plants.

Well I started this post yesterday and it's now nearly bedtime today so I will end now.  It's been a good start to the week.

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  1. You got lots done. I'm impressed. It obviously works having a schedule. I am looking forward to your hodge podge post tomorrow. One of these days I'll join in.


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