Monday, 29 June 2015

Being respectably lazy.

One of the questions on last week's Hodgepodge was about whether it's ever respectable to be lazy.

Well I think it can be as I've just had several lazy days.  Starting last Friday, which was my birthday.  I spent time in the morning collecting a relative from hospital and taking her home.  The drive gave us a nice chance to catch up and have a one to one chat.  

I then popped in to see a friend on the way home for a cup of tea. This gave me the opportunity to meet her daughter's new kitten which is a bengal kitten.  She is gorgeous and still really small at the moment.  But already ruling the roost - apparently she spits and hisses at their other cat who is quite old and a big ball of fluff.  Hopefully they will soon adapt to one another.

Then I got home in time for a visit from one of my oldest friends.  (As in the length of time we've known one another.)  Again it was good to have some catch up time.

In the evening hubby and I went out for a meal (a greek restaurant in nearby Westfield) which was nice and we finished up in the local bar that he usually goes to on a Friday evening where a group of musicians usually get together and have a session.

On Saturday we had a BBQ in the evening and all the kids and their partners were here plus a couple of friends so that was nice.  Our eldest son and his partner stayed over so were here for breakfast on Sunday.  They left before lunch so that they had time to get back to Nottingham and catch up on studying (him - accountancy exams) and school work (her - she's a Maths teacher).

Hubby went out to a music event in the afternoon so I had some quiet time on my own and caught up with all the Hodgepodge posts.

So I was respectably lazy although I did do shopping and get the house ready for the BBQ.

Today I've been more in the swing of things, catching up on chores and doing washing etc and cleaning the BBQ.  Not doing anything too fast though as we definitely have summer weather at last.

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  1. Yep, summer weather seems to have arrived...finally. Got to make the most of it while it lasts because it probably won't last long! In fact I understand that tomorrow is set to be around 10 degrees cooler than today. BOO. I am certainly being respectably lazy! Glad you had a good birthday weekend.


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