Thursday, 4 June 2015


The last week or so I've felt out of kilter.  After my bad experiences that left me leaving my job and feeling very down I had some therapy sessions which really helped.  One of the things I started doing was keeping a log of my days and I was encouraged to build in ME time and not feel guilty about it.

The weekend before last we had my mother-in-law with us from the Friday until the Wednesday and my routines went to pot.  I love my MIL and she is absolutely no trouble to have around.  She is not the reason the routines went to pot - I could have carried on and she wouldn't have minded.  I just got lazy.

Then this weekend we were away, which was actually lovely - we went down to the New Forest and met up with some of my cousins and family members.  It was something we'd talked about doing as we often only meet up at weddings and funerals and lately there have been too many funerals.  And it finally happened so it was a good thing.

But back to reality on Monday and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and out of control so I sat down and drew up a schedule that builds in doing the things that need doing at home but also allows time for blogging, reading, hobbies etc.  This might sound rigid but I'm prepared to be flexible.  I just need some structure otherwise whole days go by and I feel that I've achieved nothing.  I know that it's ok to have ME time and although some things at home are more urgent than others none of them are vital.  They'll get done as and when.  Life's too short to spend every minute working.  I know this as I've been there and got the T-shirt

I was looking for an image that conveyed some of this and I stumbled across this:

it seemed rather apt!


  1. Seems quite apt. Good for you.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I too have found since I retired that with no structure, my day is just wasted. Nothing gets done. If you get used to that structure, it is very difficult to lose it. So, you're doing the right thing by making it a habit now.

    Now if I can get back on my OWN schedule!


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