Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A good day 7/10/15

After my mishap on Monday I decided today that I'd do something less strenuous so I decided to attack a pile of paperwork that was waiting to be filed.  I am so glad that I did as to my horror I discovered the MOT certificate for the car had expired.

Our local dealer that we bought the car from used to send us reminders.  They closed down a while back and although our details were transferred to another dealer they obviously don't sent out MOT reminders.

Fortunately I was able to take the car to a local testing station and get a new certificate issued this afternoon.  Phew!  

So I finally got the paperwork filed.  Shredded some papers that I weeded out from the filing cabinet and sorted the car!

I also had a brief visit from my daughter.  A good day!


  1. Glad it worked out. I hate that when you are sorting through papers and find something you should have attended too. I remember the year I retired I drove around without car insurance for three days - oops!

  2. Filing is the worst, especially when one has been procrastinating and the pile has grown. If it sounds like I know what I'm talking about... I do. LOL Glad you tackled it and got it put away, as well as taking care of the car. Kudos!


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